1-Hour Special Feature On National Geographic: “The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe”

A dream come true!

What a great privilege and honour to be featured on National Geographic.

This will further help to spread the word of Breatheology and share its philosophy with the world. With proper breathing and breath hold training we can do wonderful things!

The production of this amazing program was originally done by Ace&Ace from Denmark and Back2Back in the UK and has been a huge project. Filming in extreme and pristine landscapes was a big challenge that could only be done by experts.

Thank you to everyone for supporting this wild and wet adventure…

[Stig’s secrets revealed on National Geographic in “The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe”.]

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Enjoy the show;)

Airs in the US on Sunday, Oct. 26th Prime Time (check local listing)

NB. See the beautiful trailers here – diving under icebergs and in a frozen lake!