European Transformational Teacher Gathering 2018

Welcome to this special event for teachers from all over Europe! If you are looking to expand your community and the reach of your teachings, you won’t want to miss this gathering in beautiful Alicante. Join us for 3 days with advanced training, transformational inspiration, community and heart-to-heart networking with the finest teachers in Europe. It is truly a […]

Live Masterclass

BREATHEOLOGY LIVE MASTERCLASS Previous Masterclass Want To Be Notified about The Next Breatheology Masterclass?This is your opportunity to join an amazing adventure with extraordinary people from around the globe. Get private training directly from Stig Severinsen and his Breatheology Team working on your personal and business development. Plus encounter wildlife that meets your wildest dreams. Join the […]

Stig Severinsen Featured on National Geographic in “The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe” [Part 1]

Sunday, October 26, 2014: The National Geographic Channel features Stig Severinsen’s world freediving record-setting swim of 500 feet under ice in an arctic lake in Greenland.  Never one to rest on his laurels, after the under ice dive, Stig would go on to break his own Guinness World Record of Longest Breath Hold.  Declared a […]

Master Your Nervous System

A Twin-Forked System The part of the nervous system that cannot be controlled by our will is called the autonomous nervous system. It consists of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic pathways that regulate the vital functions of the body. These can be influenced by inner and outer factors of both physical and mental origins. Both parts of the […]

Asthma – Breathe To Cure!

Asthma – a new “pandemic”? There has been a drastic increase in the number of patients with asthma in recent decades. Asthma affects almost 23 million Americans, including 7 million children according to the American Lung Association. Asthma rates in children under the age of five have increased more than 160% from 1980-1994 in America. Asthma may […]

Nitrogen Oxide – A Pleasant Poison!

The unknown “miracle” gas! Breathe through your nose! This applies to everybody, everywhere and at any time. There are numerous reasons for this, but here follows a physiological and very tangible explanation. In 1998 the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to three American scientists for their discovery of nitrogen oxide’s ability to expand blood vessels. […]