Nitrogen Oxide – A Pleasant Poison!

The unknown “miracle” gas! Breathe through your nose! This applies to everybody, everywhere and at any time. There are numerous reasons for this, but here follows a physiological and very tangible explanation. In 1998 the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to three American scientists for their discovery of nitrogen oxide’s ability to expand blood vessels. […]

Ashtanga Yoga

The origin of yoga Ashtanga is the basis of yoga. The word originates from Sanskrit and means “with eight limbs”. In The Yoga Sutras, Pantanjali systematically describes the eight parts that comprise the complete yoga system and leads the practitioner (the yogi) to the true goal. Buddha lived almost contemporarily with Patanjali and there are many obvious convergences between […]

Hatha Yoga

A modern yoga! If only the physical aspects of hatha yoga are used, it is called ghatastha yoga (ghata means “physical effort”). Modern expressions like “fitness yoga” and “power yoga” that flourish within gym classes are within the same category, even if they do not derive from the original exercises’ rhythm and succession. In many instances “power yoga” […]

Pranayama – Power of the Universe

What is Pranayama? Pranayama is a traditional aspect of yoga and is composed of two Sanskrit words: The first, prana, meaning life force, and the second, ayama, meaning control. If we understand breath in terms of life force, there is a connection between controlling your breath and controlling your life force. The breath provides an easy access to […]