Breath Training in the Corona Crisis

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  • "Breatheology - The art of Conscious Breathing"

Start strengthening your respiratory muscles and build up your immune system.

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Åndedrætstræning til hele Danmark

Breatheology donerer i samarbejde med Gyldendal og Airofit

  • Kurset "Åndedrætstræning i Coronakrisen"
  • Den danske udgave af Breatheology bogen “Træk Vejret – mere energi – mindre stress”
  • 5000 lungetræningsenheder til risikogruppen

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Develop Mental Power With Breath Holding

The “Business” of Breath Holding There is no challenging exercise that is more powerful when it comes to facing yourself than holding your breath. You are floating in water, it is quiet, you are alone with your thoughts and your body reacts to the increasing carbon dioxide and decreasing oxygen concentrations. Your diaphragm starts contracting,…

Chakras – Wheels Of Energy

Chakras and inner energy The word chakra means “wheel” or “rotating ring”. The individual chakras are positioned where energy channels join in the body, and work as transformers that control the energies of the body. The three most important energy channels are ida, pingala and su­shumna. Ida starts from the left nostril and pingala from the right. They cross each other…