Breath of Champions – Workshop in Kaulu Lumpur, Malaysia

Breath of Champion – Workshop

Stig Severinsen was the host of the Breatheology workshop: Breath of Champions in Kaulu Lumpur, Malaysia for elite athletes and business leaders.

It was 2 days of great energy and body and mind exploration for the participants.


The Breatheology: The Breath of Champions is a programme that teaches its participants the BEST BREATHING techniques.

The approach used in the workshop is UNIQUE, in the sense that it combines Peak Performance and Cutting-Edge Science, with Timeless Wisdom (Ancient Asian Wisdom), and is already used in elite team sports and military training.

In this programme, participants shall learn specific Breathing and Breath Holding techniques on how to:

  • Reduce Stress and Tension “on command”
  • Expand & Increase Lung Capacity and Volume
  • Increase Blood Circulation & Raise Red Blood Cell counts in the body naturally
  • Recover faster from any illness, injuries or hard training
  • Raise the body-mind-spirit connection
  • Lead a more Productive and Balanced Life


This expanded workshop is jointly organized by Malaysian Travel Business and Carbon Sports.