In the period 2008-2014 I suffered from fibromyalgia and it kept getting worse over the years. In May 2014 I healed myself with breathing and cold exposure. I got better in no time and it inspired me to become instructor in the Wim Hof method and I started doing workshops. Because so many people are afraid of the cold I knew I had to expand my field of expertise and i explored many different breathing methods and techniques.

Then I heard about Stig Severinsen’s Breatheology and I instantly knew this was what I needed. The combination of ancient techniques explained through – and backed by – modern science is the perfect way to motivate people in the Western world to start breathing consciously. I decided to become a Breatheology instructor. I applied for the program and I was very happy to be selected. I got certified in Denmark in May 2019.

With my company Just Breathe! I focus on corporate trainings in stress management, burn-out prevention – and recovery – for management teams and employees.

For individuals I organize:

  • Lectures on the benefits of conscious breathing
  • Workshops in Breatheology and Wim Hof method
  • 1-on-1 sessions for people who need a more individual approach

I do these lectures, trainings and workshops mostly in Belgium but occasionaly I get the chance to go internationaly and I love it. So feel free to invite me. It is my passion to share the knowledge and inspire people to take control of their mental and physical health and to help change the world, one breath at a time. Just Breathe!

Tom Stijven


Breatheology Certified Instructor™