Deborah Williamson is an author, educator, coach and long time teacher of teachers with more than 30 years of experience across many industries (fitness, wellness, sports, yoga, coaching, and business). She’s a Master Yoga Teacher, Vegan Chef, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Maker, retired National Fitness Champion/Multi-Sport Athlete with degrees in Business and Exercise Physiology.

Deborah is an accomplished entrepreneur, owning, operating and selling successful businesses. She believes competition in business doesn’t exist and the greatest success comes only from tangible & measurable contribution to the world. Debbie operates her own unique yoga enterprise, Yoga Body Boot Camp and Life Mastery Business Academy, a personal and professional online mentorship, school, and training site. Debbie is continually creating new products & services to help people live their best lives.

Human beings breathe, eat, sleep and are built to move. Deborah uses Breatheology protocols to improve human potential through breath-work experiences and challenges that take you beyond your comfort zone to increase performance and recovery, handle stress with ease, manage pain, and improve your cognitive abilities.

Check out her latest book, “Re: Fresh – Adventures in Yoga, Eating and Purposeful Living.”

Deborah Williamson

Certified Breatheology Instructor™