Yoga & Meditation

One of the core elements in Breatheology is the ancient yoga knowledge on breathing & the higher levels of breath-holding (kumbhaka) and the body and mind connection. So naturally we are often asked: "How does the Breatheology Method help yoga practitioners?" Listen to Breatheology Instructor & Yoga Therapist Dani Mae's story on how her discovery of breathing lead her to Breatheology.



Course to reach deeper level of relaxation, diaphragmatic control and breath and breath holding.


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Learn the Breatheology Method – The Art of Conscious Breathing. The Breatheology Bestseller in eBook format. Each chapter in the book will show you how you can breathe more efficiently, strengthen your respiratory system and many benefits you can gain through conscious changes in your breathing habits. Breatheology is donating the eBook In light of havoc around the world caused by the coronavirus, Breatheology is donating the book. Now everybody can get access to the method and start strengthening the respiratory system and immune system. Available languages:English, German, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Russian &Danish (Donated by publisher Gyldendal)


Do you wish you had Stig in your pocket, ready to pop-out when you need to calm down? Relax on demand with this Guided Meditation narrated by Stig Severinsen himself.