European Transformational Teacher Gathering 2018

Welcome to this special event for teachers from all over Europe! If you are looking to expand your community and the reach of your teachings, you won’t want to miss this gathering in beautiful Alicante.

Join us for 3 days with advanced training, transformational inspiration, community and heart-to-heart networking with the finest teachers in Europe. It is truly a rare and extraordinary experience.

Here is why you should join and what it’s all about:

  • It’s time for the European leaders and teachers to meet, share ideas and help each other.
  • Meet contemporary thought leaders and world renown teachers sharing their experience, insights and inspiration.
    …. and there is no platform sale. All the teachers are there to care and share!
  • If you want to expand your message and work in this world, this is the place where you’ll meet the right people.
  • As participant at our the gathering, you will become a member of ETTG and automatically be invitated to next year’s gathering.
  • You will have access to a closed networking forum for the European leaders and teachers.
  • Steinar Ditlefsen is presenting this gathering together with Stig Severinsen, dr. Andrea Pennington and other extraordinary teachers. These are international top speakers and teachers with both a huge heart and huge success.
  • The teachers will all share from their journey, everything they have learned along the way as teachers. You’ll will learn how to become a true transformational speaker and how to get you message out to the thousands of people who are waiting for you!
  • The gathering will take place in spectacular beautiful surroundings.
Information and Booking