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– Then I Will Personally Guide You To Reaching Your Personal Goal Faster & Easier Than You Ever Imagined Possible… (Even If You Don’t Have A Clue What It Will Be Yet)


Stig Severinsen, MSc Biology & PhD Medicine 4x Freediving World Champion, Multiple Guinness World Record Holder, Founder of Breatheology®, Author of the bestselling book "Breatheology - The Art Of Conscious Breathing", Coach & Mentor.

Stig Severinsen, MSc Biology & PhD Medicine
4x Freediving World Champion, Multiple Guinness World Record Holder, Founder of Breatheology®, Author of the bestselling book “Breatheology – The Art Of Conscious Breathing”, Coach & Mentor.

Dear Fellow Peak Performer

Since people from all around the world keep asking for private 1on1 coaching I have decided to open for my VIP Skype coaching sessions again for a limited time!

During our LIVE session, I will hold your feet to the fire as you achieve the greatness you’ve always had inside you. Here’s how the 1on1 VIP Skype Coaching works:

First of all, please note that you have to be approved for coaching after you apply. My time is extremely limited and since I am not a miracle man, I can not help with all issues or challenges in this world. If I do not feel we are a good fit I prefer not to waste your (or my) time – sounds fair enough, right!

But IF you get selected, I will do everything in my power to listen to your goals & challenges and help you reach your Peak Potential during our 60 minutes Skype session! Step-by-step we will find the optimal path for your future journey that is “waterproof” guaranteed to get you where you need to go! By the time you’re done, you’ll have a clear plan on how to reach your wildest dreams – and after you put in blood, sweat, and tears you will hopefully reach your results faster than you ever imagined possible.

Please remember I will “walk with you” during the coaching session – holding your hand – but I can NOT do the work for you! You have to be willing to invest everything you’ve got to finally reach your Peak Potential! But once you do and get that priceless feeling of success and perfection I will share the happiness and joy with you!

Once you see, feel and live your results you might be ready to strategizing with me on a regular basis. This would be great and I will keep supporting you – but please note the maximum coaching hours you can book is 10 (per booking!).

So – how to apply?

Well, luckily this is very easy and only requires 3 simple steps:

1) Click the button; Pay Application Deposit (please note the maximum amount of hours you can book is 10).

2) Send an email to (use subject line: 1on1 coaching) and describe very briefly your background, what you do, what your challenge/goal is and how you plan to work on that? (max. 20-30 lines in total)!

3) My team will get back to you after a few days. If your application gets approved they will set up a time (which is convenient for both of us) for our VIP 1on1 Online Coaching Call. If your application does not get approved your Application Deposit will be refunded to your credit card right away!

I sincerely look forward to helping you but please note one last thing.

Yes, I am extremely busy…yes, I am very kind but also very serious (about helping you succeed and about my own success!). So please understand that I can not help all people in the world. In fact, I would appear very unprofessional (and not serious) if I claimed that I could solve every challenge in this world. You are welcome to investigate a bit more about me to see I have a long proven track record of creating results – not only for myself but also for Gold Winning Olympian Athletes, World Champion Swimmers, and Freedivers, CEO’s and people facing tremendous challenges in rehabilitation. Feel free to google “Stig Severinsen”, find my talk on TED, look at Wikipedia or see my Youtube videos on my Breatheology Channel.

So know this – I am dedicated to success – YOUR success.

I might not be the cheapest – but I might very well be the best for YOU!

By this I mean I can save you the most valuable thing you’ve got (time). And not only months or years but also thousands and thousands of wasted dollars and frustration for not reaching your goals.

I excel in reaching goals – that is who I am! I dare dream the “impossible” and my greatest strength is being able to help other people like you do the same!

PS. Again – the VIP 1on1 Coaching in very exclusive and I share ALL my secrets and proven methods! Imagine what time and dedication I have put down to achieve some of my current Guinness World Records – such as holding my breath under water for 22 minutes and swimming 500 feet under the ice on a single breath of air. If you aspire to greatness and dream BIGGER – I think we might be a great match!


Stig Severinsen

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