Maha Yoga Immersion Course | 12 Weekend Workshops | May 2020-2021

A life that flows like a river is a life that is joyful, rich and bountiful.

Do you want to have the tools to accept the chaos and complexity of life with grace and turn it around without working up your nerves or affecting your psyche?

In 12 weekend workshops, Master Instructor Christopher Gladwell, accompanied by teachers Kathleen Downie and Jez Grattan-Kane, will instruct a small, selected group on how to achieve mastery of the mind and body through yoga to create a healthy, balanced life, free from stress.

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$4,955 $4,306

Immersion Course - Christopher Gladwell
Maha Yoga Immersion Course | 12 Weekend Workshops | May 2020-2021

$4,955 $4,306

Breakdown of the Immersion Course

Here’s what you’ll get/learn


  • In-depth teachings of embodiment practice, yoga asana and movement
  • In-depth teachings of pranayama (yogic breathwork)
  • In-depth teachings of embodied meditation
  • In-depth exploration of Maha Yoga through embodied breathwork, nyasa, yantra and mantra
  • Understand the neuroscientific, psyschological and biological correlations of meditation, mindfulness, breathwork and yoga
  • Develop a powerful and integrated breath practice beyond pranayama

Personal Skills/Journey

  • Learn to rebirth yourself
  • Find non-dual remembrance
  • Find deep inner peace
  • Find greater freedom from old patterns that haunt you
  • Find higher levels of energization
  • Clean body and mind, achieve personal growth and awaken your consciousness
  • Commitment to self development and practice
  • Find freedom in discipline
  • Find purpose and passion in life


  • The full twelve series of Conscious Connected Breathing (worth £1,880)/li>
  • Free access to Christopher’s Mind Mastery programme and The Resilience Project (worth £548)
  • Free e-copies of all of Christopher’s books (worth £120)
  • Individual support
  • Find a community of like minded others


12 Weekend Workshops (May 2020 to July 2021)




Aug 29th-30th 2020

Jan 23rd-24th 2021

Apr 17th-18th 2021


Oct 17th-24th 2020, Eden Rise

Aug 20th-29th 2021, Gravito Portugal