Below is a list of Breatheology’s products that we have created for you to help you increase your personal health and athletic performance. Click the images to be directed to the appropriate place to learn more!

Bestselling Book

Breatheology Ebook Cover

Learn about Breatheology and the art of conscious breathing by reading Stig’s best selling book Breatheology. In this book you will gain a greater understand about the power of breathing and its impact on the human body. The better you breathe, the longer you live, and the healthier you will be! Click the image above to learn more, and to purchase the book today!

Online Academy

Breatheology Academy

Are you ready to take your breathing skills to an entirely new level? Click the image above to check out Stig Severinsen’s Breatheology Academy. This academy will help you learn the exact exercises Stig uses to prepare for his Guinness World Records. He also teaches these exercises to elite athletes who compete all around the world!

Breatheology ApparelĀ 

Breatheology Apparel

Do you love everything about Breatheology, and want to purchase apparel? Click the link above to be directed to our online store!

Breatheology Master Class


Would you like to experience a live in-person 3+day masterclass with Stig Severinsen himself? Click the image above and sign up to receive details about our next master class coming soon!

Superhuman Lungs

Superhuman Lungs

Are you ready to get superhuman lungs? Click the link above, and sign up on the next page to be on the early bird notification list when we launch a brand new never before seen product that will help you take your breathing and athletic performance to an entirely new level!