”I warmly recommend the breatheology exercises to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on conscious breathing. You become inspired and learn practical exercises to be used right away”!
Jenny Petersson, Chiropractor & Yoga Instructor, 
Copenhagen Yoga

“Just started to read the beginning of breatheology. On Feb. 2nd I started swimming every day. I now swim a mile to 1.5 miles a day and have lost 19 pounds in 27 days, I went from 221.8 to 202.8 so far. I hope to finish your book in the next month or so. It is very interesting. Thank You.”
Joey Manger, Pilot, California

“I have spent my entire life in the ocean and for the last 15 years, followed the largest storms around the globe surfing the worlds largest waves. A little over a year ago, while at the peak of my big wave surfing career, I sustained a wipeout during a big session that nearly cost me my life. I was held down underwater for four successive waves until I blacked out. Had it not been for my rescue team finding my unconscious body and pulling it to safety in time, I would have drowned that day. Returning to the ocean and surfing big waves again would prove to be the most challenging and frightening task of my life. For months I sought to regain my mental confidence and ability to hold my breath underwater but my mind was convoluted with an array of post traumatic emotions that prevented me from doing so. Through my training with Stig not only was I able to understand and embrace those emotions that were hindering me, but move beyond them taking my breath holding to greater lengths and depths than ever before. As an athlete, I have found that to operate at ones highest potential we must be in balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. The knowledge, and expertise around the art of conscious breathing that Stig provides with breatheology is the foundation to creating that balance within oneself. That balance is something that every individual in this world will benefit from.”
Greg Long, Pro Big Wave Surfer

“At Discovery, we’re fascinated by people who are willing to dedicate themselves to achieving the truly remarkable. Stig is one such individual and it was a great privilege for us to be able to film him as he attempted these three world records. It also provided an opportunity to explore some ground breaking physiological and sports science, which – through Stig’s endeavours – led us to the very limits of the human body’s capabilities”.
Dan Korn, Senior Vice President & Head of Programming, Discovery Networks Western Europe

”The best thing about the Master Class was the combination of meditation, yoga and breath holding. I moved my boundaries and felt a total inner calmness.”
Berit Basse, Danish Ambassador of Singapore, 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

”Being a patient with COPD (smoker’s lung) I focus on breathing better and learning new techniques. The breatheology exercises are easy to practice and use and have become an indispensable part of my life. My immune system has been boosted, I feel stronger, more focused and have gained greater peace of mind. Plus I have regained 0.6 liter Vital Capacity in my lungs that was lost due to my disease. So little, yet so much.”
Pierre Bourgeat, 

“I have with huge interest read Stig’s book about Breatheology and tried to introduce some of its principles into my training. It’s brought a more spiritual side to my training regime and I have had much joy and benefit from the focus on breathing and the different minds-sets as well. At times when I was fatigued during my 2. run around the world, I also used some of the breathing techniques to ease the strain!”
Jesper Kenn Olsen, World Run I & II (www.worldrun.org)

“Through the last couple of days I have been reminded of the great benefits that relaxation and yoga contain, benefits that can be applied to all the facts of life, and which can make you a better sportsman, businessman, colleague, man, father and human. It sounds great, but if we forget to unwind daily from the rapid pace and stress of reality, we will never reach our full potential. To be able to provide top performances, you have to find the balance between strain and restora- tion. We are usually good at straining ourselves, but we often forget to relax and recover. We have to learn how we can enter a restful space and accumulate more energy before the next wave hits us.”
Ole Stougaard, European Team Champion Triathlon and Owner of Multicoach.dk

“As an athlete I was always told about the importance of correct breathing, however I wasn’t given all the necessary tools. The instruction that I received from Stig during the Ultimate Surf Survival course gave me great methods and confidence to deal with anything I may encounter during training or competition in my sport. I learned how to maintain composure through breathing with many of the exercises. Even through the absence of oxygen I can remain calm and relaxed. I would definitely recommend breath training for anyone that is in high stress and pressure situations. All athletes would benefit from this type of breath training program. The training will increase your ability to preform with or without pressure. It is a catalyst to take your body and your sport to the next level.”
Courtney Conlogue, Pro Surfer, ASP World Tour

“Stig has been helping out coaching my swimmers to optimize their breathing which is crucial to an elite swimmer. He has demonstrated that yoga and breathing exercises can increase lung capacity.”
Bo Jacobsen, National Head Coach, Swim Team Finland

“I will continue to practice the conscious breathing techniques learned in the awesome Ultimate Surf Survival course with Stig. It was a short version, only a day seminar, but was a life changing experience!What I found out is that the techniques that I learned can be used in any other sports, performance arts or extreme sports as a supplement for better performance as well as for survival purpose! It is such an awareness that I believe more people should rely in Stig ‘s extremely detailed knowledge which is cross referenced in every level; Physiological, psychological & spiritual. I am able to give the insight of my experience to my high school students in order to help them pursue their dreams since most of those teenagers I teach are amazing athletes and in need of support for their busy schedule ! I teach promising athletes in the are of surfing, figure ice skating, hockey, football , ballet to name a few! They all got intrigued with the input I gave from what I learned! I know for me that this technique has changed my life. I felt instantly energized and my creative side seems to be in such a higher level. Please keep bringing us your positiveness & incredible knowledge Stig”!
Claudia Judice Struble, California, Teacher/Dancer/Surfer

”I use the breathing exercises when I have to ”warm up” my lungs. It makes me feel fresh and prepared.”
Jakob Carstensen, World Champion Swimmer
, 3x Olympian Athlete

“I became aware of the power of breathing properly for the first time when I went freediving with Stig in the Red Sea. After performing breathing exercises for a couple of days I could hold my breath for more than 4 minutes in the water. The sensation of surplus mental energy and inner tranquillity was intoxicating.”
Bjarne Brynk Jensen, Company Coach/Consultant for the Winter Olympics

“Stig’s breath hold class for surfers was both breathtaking and fun!
With his expert coaching I increased my breath hold by one whole minute in 1 day! But most importantly I gained the knowledge to know that I can hold my breath a lot longer than I think, if ever needed. Advanced techniques were also given to deal with adverse and emergency circumstances.
This will give me the confidence I need to stay out there as I move into my 60s and go bigger, not smaller. Thanks Stig”!
Aaron Dodson (old pro surfer), Organic Food Bar Inc

“Your breathing exercises and meditation opened a new world to me. The act of closing out the world, and being in both myself and my breath is completely unique. Never before have I experienced such calmness and balance. I have used this process daily ever since. Both in sports and my training – where I concentrate on getting oxygen to all the muscle fibers – and also when I am under pressure at work and need to make quick decisions which can have big economic consequences. Instead of breathing with the upper part of my lungs, I lean back and breathe way down to my legs – and then I move on. Breathing is a remarkable tool to keep stress at bay.”
Charlotte Eisenhardt, Construction Manager at NCC Construction Denmark A/S

“Dear Stig. Being 76 years old, I have to nurse myself a lot. It is often a question about having the right philosophical attitude to maintain a positive mind under these circumstances. Breathing properly really becomes a genuine sport and the last and final activity of old people. All of us should practice our breathing to survive as comfortably as possible. In a way, to everybody life is a competition with yourself to endure difficulties and problems that worsen with every day and every year that passes. The more tired the “machine” is, the more often the “carburetor” has to be adjusted. Let me make a comparison. If you wish to adjust the carburetor in your car, you have to almost “strangle” the engine first, and thereup- on turn gently in the opposite direction. You may say that we should do the same to our human “breathing-engine”. Anytime in life, breath holding is the proper method to accomplish this. Of course, you have to learn to perform deep breaths and breathe properly (with your diaphragm) first to attain the desired level of relaxation. Only then may you visit your “second” breath by performing a prolonged breath hold. The small bobs and contractions in the diaphragm then become controlled reactions, and your anxiety and despair simply vanishes, when you start breathing again.”
Guy Ackermann, Journalist & Breathing Enthusiast, Hemance, Switzerland

“Cardiovascular therapy is primarily aimed at the heart. In the case of acute myocardial infarction, the large blood vessels are opened, and operation is conducted if the heart valves function incorrectly. However, it is important to remember that the heart is part of the complex and highly organized system that comprises the human organism. This means that a malfunction in the heart affects the whole system. As proof of this, we can observe that people with heart attacks are more likely to have depression, just as people with depression are more likely to have heart attacks.
A holistic approach combined with a conventional treatment may therefore be advantageous to patients with heart diseases. In this respect, relaxation and breathing exercises are particularly obvious choices, because they affect the entire human organism through the central nervous system, endocrine system and immune system.
In this respect, the experience of athletes like Stig Åvall Severinsen is valuable, since relaxation and breathing exercises are used to achieve a greater understanding of oneself. In other words, the awareness of capacity and limitations are increased which improves the extreme sports performance. When we regard an illness as an extreme experience, or even better as an experience that lies beyond the normal life, we will also understand the potential benefits that relaxation and breathing exercises from the holistic approach can offer, in addition to the conventional “state of the art” treatment.”
Alessandro Pingitore, Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa

“Stig has more than proved himself worthy of a Guinness World Records certificate. Some of our record achievements are easy to attempt but not necessarily easy to beat, and some attempts – like these – are difficult to attempt AND difficult to beat. For Stig, it has always been about pushing the limits of what a human body can do, and his record-breaking success is testament to his technique, attitude and physicality”.
Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief, Guinness World Records