Simple Breath Exercises That Reduce Stress, Improve Your Health & Increase Your Energy 

Every day you breathe 30.000 times.

However, I can safely say that, like most people, you don’t breathe anywhere close to what you optimally could. Few people realize that just a few minutes of training a day could have a huge impact on their lives. Imagine feeling more free and relaxed and rapidly improve the quality of your life...

 "How You Breathe Is How You Live"

Get Step by Step Training

The Breatheology Academy is an online course where you will learn methods to conscious breathing, relaxation, peak performance, rehabilitation and much more.

This is my most effective and powerful exercises, put into more than 40 videos inspiring and audio for you to learn. They all can be done in a short time, and give you enormous benefits. 

In fact, you will be able to do many of the exercises throughout your regular day. Your day will become more effective and you will feel much better!


The training will help you..

Get more energy​​​​

Learn ancient breathing techniques that help you breathe fully and get more oxygen into your body so your raise your energy level in everything you do.

Powerfull Workout

Your muscle building is dependent on your nervous system response. The exercises will help your workout to become more effective. 

Reduce Stress

Learn simple meditation exercises that will help you reduce stress. 

You will learn techniques to switch  your state of mind from "Fight and Flight" mode to "Rest and Digest"

Calm Your Surroundings

Learning conscious breathing will make you more calm and relaxing. This has rippling effect on your surroundings. It´ simple - when you are breathing calmly, people around you will become calm.

Be more alert 

Learning to focus on your breath will help you be more alert and focused during the day and help you in better decision making and problem solving.

Better digestion

Yes your digestion will be positively effected by conscious breathing plus combined with simple nutrition changes can raise your energy and help weightless. 

It´s all about creating new healthy habits

Breatheology Academy is about getting becoming conscious on how you breathe and how it affects your body and mind. In other words you learn to replace bad breathing habits with new healthy breathing habits.  And like any other habits, it takes training, practise and time.  

That´s why it´s a 12 weeks guided program

That´s the time it takes to go through the exercises, practise the techniques and acquire the new good breathing habits. But then you feel the transformation.

So Yes, 12 weeks from now you will likely have a completely new outlook on life.

And frankly speaking, oxygenating your body in the way I’m will teach you, will likely have far more benefits than I could possibly list. It has an impact on every single cell in your body!

What other People Say About Breatheology:


Breatheology Academy Includes




Relaxation, concentration and imagery. This first module focuses on relaxation as the most important tool for proper breathing and wellbeing. It is paramount for your training that you practice visualization – or rather “imagery” – and use all your senses. When your body and mind relax your breathing will follow – and vice versa.



Normal Breathing - good and bad habits. You will now learn different breathing exercises to increase your understanding on how you actually breathe and what your own natural breathing rhythm feels like.



Training "yoga breathing" for better health. Even though this breathing method is called “yoga breathing” it is nothing more than a natural and healthy breath. When yoga breathing is practiced regularly it has a remarkable beneficial effect on your entire body, mind & soul because it changes your unconscious breathing and creates a natural new and stronger breathing pattern



Seated poses and advanced breathing techniques.  The seated exercises are the base for a good and strong breathing and meditation practice. You will also learn some of the more forceful breathing exercises that will energize you and give your heart, lungs and cardiovascular system a great work-out.



Increased lung capacity & chest flexibility. The combination of these exercises will leave you with a more flexible and strong breathing capacity. Since you actively create more “space” around your shoulder and chest regions you will also increase the amount of air you take in and blown out with each breathing cycle. In other words your lung capacity increases and you can take up more oxygen and thus generate more energy. Likewise you will be able to increase the amount of waste products that you can expel with your exhalation.



Body flexibility & strength. These exercise will release tension in various areas in your body, they will help to increase your daily energy levels. This is done by unblocking tension related to physical (or mental/spiritual) issues thereby elevating your entire energy flow system. Since you work a lot with your spine in the majority of these exercises you will not only increase your spine flexibility but also your breathing capacity since your diaphragm is directly connected to your spine. Hopefully you will also be able to ease back pains – especially in your lower back. You will also breathe more freely and increase your feeling of well-being and happiness. 



Soothing breathing. You will learn several different techniques that you can use to relieve pain (mental, physical and spiritual), heal yourself, super oxygenate your entire system, increase your energy levels and become deeply relaxed. Seen from the outside they might appear quite simple and easy to do. Well – they are! But as you have certainly learned through this course simple exercises can be highly efficient and there is also more than what meets the eye. Underneath each exercise lies an eternal layer of details that you can continue to work on and improve.



Your personal training program. Now it is time to start creating your own personal breath training program. You will get exact instructions on how to make the best possible training program that fits just right in your everyday life and schedule. 



Pranayama - controlling your breath & energy. This will introduce you to some different exercises from this very important part of yoga that you can start to use and eventually incorporate into your Personal Training Program – or even your daily life. Learning more about pranayama will take you one step closer to become a true master of the noble art of breathing and breath holding. Thus it fits perfectly into the breatheology philosophy which is all about developing a 360º view on the entire breathing process and how that affects your life!



Hold your breath. Understanding breath holding is important to understanding breathing and all aspects of the entire breathing process.

It is my honest opinion that breath control and especially breath holding is the best way to get to know yourself better! 


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Refining your personal training program. Your understanding of breathing and body work is now well develop – as is your entire nervous system. It is therefore time to refine your personal training program. 



Breatheology Academy Graduation. This last module focuses on changing little things in your everyday life that will not only improve your breath training, but also your general health, sports performance and wellbeing. You will also be offered some ways to seek more wisdom and experience.



QUIZZES. Each Lesson and the final Graduation will include fun and educational quizzes. If you pass all quizzes you received a Certificate of completion.

Breatheology Academy

  • 12 lessons training program
  • Full HD Video tutorials
  • Quizzes / Certification of Completion
  • Downloadable Meditation Audio Files (mp3)
  • Printable Training Programs (PDF)
  • Monthly Live Group Call with Stig
  • Access for a full year



Stig Severinsen  //  Founder of Breatheology

Breatheology is founded by Stig Severinsen, PhD in Medicine and 4X Freediving World Champion.

Breatheology is based on Stig Severinsen’s training techniques and will show you how to increase your breathing capacity and improve your daily breathing routines and heighten your energy levels.

Stig Severinsen

What Other people say about Breatheology

All athletes would benefit...

All athletes would benefit from this type of breath training program. The training will increase your ability to perform with or without pressure. It is a catalyst to take your body and your sport to the next level.

Courtney Conlogue  //  Pro Surfer

Benefit from the focus on breathing...

I have with huge interest read Stig’s book about Breatheology and tried to introduce some of its principles into my training. It’s brought a more spiritual side to my training regime and I have had much joy and benefit from the focus on breathing and the different mindsets as well. At times when I was fatigued during my 2. run around the world, I also used some of the breathing techniques to ease the strain!

Jesper Kenn Olsen  //  World Run I & II

Regained Vital Capacity in my lungs...

Being a patient with COPD (smoker’s lung) I focus on breathing better and learning new techniques. The breatheology exercises are easy to practice and use and have become an indispensable part of my life. My immune system has been boosted, I feel stronger, more focused and have gained greater peace of mind. Plus I have regained 0.6 liter Vital Capacity in my lungs that was lost due to my disease. So little, yet so much.

Pierre Bourgeat  //  COPD-Patient


"Breatheology - The Art of Conscious Breathing"

The bestselling Book by Stig Severinsen, gives you a detailed description of proper breathing, healthy nutrition, human physiology and psychology. Packed with simple and fun exercises to complement the online training.

Every order receives a copy of the ebook (value $39)




100% Satisfaction Guarantee

More than 3000 students have completed the Breatheology Academy successfully. All with different backgrounds and goals. I´m so convinced that you will love this program that I give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.  So simply try this online course risk free for 30 days and if you do not feel completely satisfied, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Stig Severinsen

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