The Breatheology Method


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Courtney Conlogue 
Pro Surfer

All athletes would benefit from this type of breath training program. The training will increase your ability to perform with or without pressure. It is a catalyst to take your body and your sport to the next level.

Heidi Tuokila 
Yoga Practitioner

Finally I had a chance to join the workshop about breathing. It was very interesting to learn new ways to exercise and practice your breathing. Now I have new skills that I can practise at home.

Pierre Bourgeat
COPD Patient

Being a patient with COPD (smoker’s lung) I focus on breathing better and learning new techniques. The breatheology exercises are easy to practice and use and have become an indispensable part of my life. My immune system has been boosted, I feel stronger, more focused and have gained greater peace of mind. Plus I have regained 0.6 liter Vital Capacity in my lungs that was lost due to my disease. So little, yet so much.

Meet Stig Severinsen

Breatheology is founded by Stig Severinsen, PhD in Medicine and 4X Freediving World Champion.

Breatheology is based on Stig Severinsen’s training techniques and will show you how to increase your breathing capacity and improve your daily breathing routines and heighten your energy levels.

Training programs are built for:

  • Health & Relaxation Training
  • Rehabilitation (PTSD, Lyme, Post-Polio etc.)
  • Sports & Elite Performance