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Breath Holding

The Breatheology Method

Works on every dimension of the human body by uniting:

  • Powerful breathing & lung training techniques
  • Scientific knowledge on human physiology & neurology
  • Proven visualization and meditation techniques

By combining these tools in the right way the Breatheology Method helps our students become conscious of their breathing to relax on demand and perform at the highest level.


Optimize PerformanceIncrease ResilienceBetter SleepReduce Stress & Faster RecoveryEnhance Willpower – More Focus & Concentration – Transform Depression – Ease Anxiety – Faster Rehabilitation
… and much more breathing benefits

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MUST READ: Stig Severinsen breaks new Guinness World Record

202.0 meters underwater in the open ocean on a single breath!

Watch the dive

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“I just want to say thank you for assisting in my breathing and breath holds.

Thank you Stig.”

Courtney Conlogue / Pro Surfer

“The knowledge and expertise around the art of conscious breathing that Stig provides with Breatheology is the foundation to creating that balance within oneself.”

Greg Long / Pro Big Wave Surfer