Heal Your Body

Whenever our body is damaged, ridden with disease or out of balance in any other way, it has the miraculous ability to heal itself. Given the right conditions, the body is able to find and restore its balance every time.

Heal Your Body

When you cut yourself, your finger bleeds for a little while. Then it forms a scab and depending on how deep the cut was, the broken skin regenerates or is replaced with scar tissue. As a child, you may have been in awe at this magic trick your body pulls on you, but eventually you come to accept it as normal.

In our lifespan, our body is put to the test multiple times every day. From cuts and germs to trauma, viral infections and debilitating conditions – our body is on our side to restore balance and recover our health.

Our body cannot do it alone

Truth be told – some challenges are greater for our body than others. Our body is not always possible to heal on its own. Sometimes, it needs a helping hand.

This can be in the form of a vaccine, surgery or a specific medicine or, in most cases, more closer to home: rest, relaxation and proper nutrition.

Our body shifts between the “Fight or Flight” (sympathetic nervous system) and the “Rest and Digest” mode (parasympathetic nervous system). During the “Fight or Flight” response our body puts any process that is not needed for immediate survival on the backburner. Digestion, tissue repair and growth hormone production are being temporarily halted, stunting it’s ability to heal.

Stress interferes with healing

Our body will do its utmost best to heal itself from a wound, trauma or illness. There are, however, limiting factors. Stress is one of them.

The term stress was first coined by Dr. Hans Seyle in the 1920’s. Seyle noticed that patients with different chronic illnesses, such as cancer and tuberculosis, appeared to display a common set of symptoms.

There are various forms of stress:

      Emotional stress (work, relationship, depression, anxiety)
      Structural stress (injuries, chronic pain, arthritic pain, stiffness)
      Biochemical stress (allergies, infection, alcohol & drug abuse, illness)
      Energetic stress (poor sleep, strained eyes due to excessive screen-time, energy imbalance, overworking)

Many of these stress factors can be prevented or with some work, removed from your daily life.

The Breatheology Method helps you heal faster and more efficiently and remove stress from your life with a myriad of exercises that regulate the nervous system towards the Rest and Digest state, which allows your body to start repairing itself.

Breath is the key to heal your body

Conscious breathwork is the key in creating the right conditions for our body to heal. Minimize emotional stress responses such as depression or anxiety and revitalize your body doing breath and mind exercises that give you more energy and provide better sleep. Increase oxygenation in your blood vessels by learning how to breath better.


Learn how breathwork can be the difference in your body healing from a wound, infection or physical ailment or remaining in a place of pain and negativity. The exercises in the Breatheology ESSENTIALS course offer a two prong approach in improving your body’s ability to heal:. Exercises that calm the mind and nervous system for better sleep and less stress and exercises that increase the blood flow for better oxygen delivery. Thousands of people have taken this course with great results.

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The Breatheology Method

We benefit our clients by understanding who they are as individuals and their unique needs. Our mission is to serve the global community by helping them become healthy and better in all aspects of being.

To achieve our mission, our method consists of three profiles: Optimized Performance, Strengthen Health and Improve Resilience.

By assessing our clients across these profiles we get a strong picture of their dynamic needs and goals. The benefits from our Method are derived when we choose the right tool for the right person at the right time.

This allows us to work with a variety of breathing modalities to help align the mind and body and begin to “rewire” and manage the Autonomic Nervous System to move the client in a positive direction eventually bringing them to a “Flow State”.

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