The Breatheology Method

The Breatheology Method

Stig Severinsen created an organized, flexible and powerful methodology that can uniquely benefit each individual that works with it. 

The method utilizes a dynamic toolbox of breathing and breath-work techniques along with meditation and visualization.

By utilizing the right tools at the right time in the right way our method adapts to the needs of each person while maintaining the ability to produce amazing outcomes.


Our method utilizes a combination of breathing and breath-work techniques along with meditation and visualization in order to 


connect the mind and body with full awareness of the positive effects within the areas of anatomy, physiology, neurology and psychology.


in doing so our method transforms the current state of being by balancing the nervous system to create instant relaxation and immediately reduce anxiety and stress.


By combining these tools in the right way the Breatheology Method helps our students become conscious of their breathing to relax on demand and perform at the highest level.

Combining breathing, visualization and body exercises

Breatheology Breath Tools

The Breatheology tool box includes multiple breathing and breath holding modalities. Our approach is simple. If it works and is easy to learn – we use it.

Breatheology Body & Mind Tools

The breath work is combined with proven visualization and meditation techniques, physical exercises, combined with body and lung stretching exercises.

Personalized Programs

From these techniques we create unique training programs to get better health, stress resilience or optimized performance regardless of the persons age, physical state, and state of mind.

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The Breatheology Method is using

the right tool

at the right time

in the right way

Conscious breathing should be known by everybody

It would be wonderful if kids in school would also learn proper breathing techniques – just as some children are now introduced to yoga and mindfulness – the Breatheology Method offers exactly what seems to be missing and very overlooked.

Even in the world of sports, breathing is underappreciated by many athletes. Read more about Breatheology and Athletics to find out how proper breathing is the difference between gold and silver.

Simple, yet fun and challenging

Of course, I believe that Breatheology can benefit YOU – and I guess that is one of the main reasons that you are here now reading these lines. To get the results you are after, it is paramount that your training system is simple – yet fun and challenging. This is how our human body and mind operate across all cultures, traditions and historical times!

I have understood this from all my travels around Asia where I have been taught by the best Masters of yoga & breath work. It has been clear to me after spending over 25 years in the world of Science & Research. And most certainly this has been proven to me (on my own body, mind & spirit) from becoming a 4x Freediving World Champion and after setting several official World and Guinness World Records.

Finally, after teaching thousands of students around the world – from Olympic Athletes, stressed business people, Navy SEALs to people with PTSD, Lyme Disease, Post-Polio to kids and completely “normal” people – I understand how to get people to become successful and make true transformational changes in their lives.

Easy to adapt to your lifestyle

In all modesty, I feel The Breatheology Method – with it’s very “approachable” techniques and framework – is a great way to start on a new journey with more consciousness and simple and practical “tools” to implement in everyday life situations.

Trying to condense the very best of thousands of years of ancient knowledge and thousands of hours from science and sports is no easy task. But I have made this my life’s mission and I sincerely hope that you will find something just for you to use in your life.

My team of Breatheology Instructors and I continue to develop Breatheology and you are more than welcome to contact us with any feedback or ideas you might have. To your new and better breathing – enjoy the journey.

Friendly, Stig Severinsen

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Through a lifetime journey of learning, training, healing and performing at the highest levels Stig Severinsen has created the powerful, effective and proven Breatheology Method….