Breatheology Method Benefits

“The more you believe in the power of thought, and the more you listen to your breath, the greater changes you can create in your life.”

Build a powerful immune system

Practices of Breatheology that work with body, breath, breath holding and positive mind states, will together help you build powerful immune function.

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Eliminate Inflammation Naturally

The ability to “Relax on Demand” and control your nervous system gives your body a much needed relief and eliminate excessive inflamm=ation naturally.

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Rapid Recovery

Wielding the “Power of Breath” gives you the ability to recover rapidly from injuries, illness and exertion

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Strengthen the Respiratory System

The Respiratory System is responsible for intake of oxygen – our primal source of energy. Strengthen the respiratory muscles to increase the amount of oxygen with each inhale for better performance and reduced effects of respiratory illnesses.

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Better Sleep

Proper sleep is crucial for our body to continue to function optimally. Unfortunately, in modern society, sleep is at an all-time low due to various factors, including stress, exposure to artificial light and health issues like sleep apnea. The key to better sleep habits is to learn better breathing habits and the ability to relax and quiet the mind down before going to sleep.

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Heal Your Body

Our body has the uncanny ability to heal itself from physical harm and illnesses – as long as we give it ample opportunity. The biggest factor is keeping stress at bay, which you can learn through our breath and visualization exercises.

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Transform Stress to Resilience

A little bit of stress is not a detriment to our health. The real issue is that we are exposed to chronic stress continuously. Learn how to take charge through your breath and transform chronic stress into resilience and no longer allow it to occupy your life and interfere with your body, mind and spirit.

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Improve Athletic Performance

Breath and movement are intertwined. When your muscles work harder, the demand for oxygen increases. Conscious breathing increases the uptake, saturation and utilization of oxygen for better performance. Your breath also influences the state of your mind set – transforming it to that of a champion

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Increase CO2 Tolerance

CO2 is your friend. Build CO2 tolerance through breath holding exercises to create more mental resilience and the ability to breathe more oxygen at times of need.

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More Willpower

willpower is a finite source of mental energy. Your breath provides the clarity and focus to control your mind and avoid temptations.

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