Improve Athletic Performance

Athletics is the broad term used for competitive human sports and games with a focus of physical skills. In determining the winner, performance in the moment is used as measurement. Olympic athletes sacrifice years of their lives training for a competition where the difference between winning and losing is often one of a few milliseconds.

Improve Athletic Performance

If you are in the world of competition, you understand that you have to train hard and use every edge you can get. Some edges are genetic, like a height in basketball, but the most interesting advantages are those based on skill and training.

Breath is an integral part of sports

Our breath is integrated in sports of any type. The degree of which breath is used depends on the needs of the body. For example, a marathon runner has different needs and uses their body in a completely different way than an archer.

What stays the same, no matter which sports you practice, is that muscles require oxygen and our breath is how we get it. Efficient breathing increases the oxygenation of the muscles in the body and makes them work more efficiently while removing carbon dioxide.

Our breath also allows us to increase our focus and concentration. Our lungs are connected through our brain through the vagus nerve. We can control our mind through our breath and vice versa. Furthermore, our brain requires the most oxygen out of all our organs, thus benefiting even more from more oxygen in the bloodstream.

Train your lungs – increase your performance

There is a lot to be gained from training the lungs. Take in consideration that our lungs are the “filter” and “tank” of our body – like a diver. When you enhance the quality of air in the lungs, it is like switching to fuel with a higher octane. You’ll achieve increased athletic performance in – short and long term.

Training with your lungs also helps you increase mental control. Keeping your mind cool in stressed situations is an invaluable skill for athletes. As you push yourself to the edge, you want complete mental control so that there is no shred of doubt that you will get the gold.

The Breatheology Method is highly specialized in improving athletic performance, with its background in sports psychology and peak performance, combined with ancient wisdom.

The breath, body and mind techniques increase the body’s capacity for oxygenation, tolerance of carbon dioxide, ability to relax on demand, recover rapidly from injuries and workouts and greater vitality and energy levels.

Breath is the key to Improved Athletic Performance

Breathwork is slowly gaining traction in the world of sports and for good reason. Conscious breathing raises the oxygen level in our blood – allowing for more strength, stamina, energy and rapid recover – and the ability to control your mind and focus 100% on the goal ahead.


The journey to conscious breathing and improved athletic performance starts here, with the Breatheology ESSENTIALS course. In 12 weekly lessons, you learn how to relax on demand, calibrate your nervous system, improve your vital lung capacity and hold your breath for mind mastery. In the end, you graduate to become a champion of breath and one step closer in becoming an athletic champion. The Fundamentals course has been approved and used by many professional athletes before you with amazing results.

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The Breatheology Method

We benefit our clients by understanding who they are as individuals and their unique needs. Our mission is to serve the global community by helping them become healthy and better in all aspects of being.

To achieve our mission, our method consists of three profiles: Optimized Performance, Strengthen Health and Improve Resilience.

By assessing our clients across these profiles we get a strong picture of their dynamic needs and goals. The benefits from our Method are derived when we choose the right tool for the right person at the right time.

This allows us to work with a variety of breathing modalities to help align the mind and body and begin to “rewire” and manage the Autonomic Nervous System to move the client in a positive direction eventually bringing them to a “Flow State”.

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