Thank you for your interest in the Breatheology Courses

We are excited to announce the release of the new Breatheology. Based on feedback from our amazing community we have simplified our offerings, added new content and made it more economical for you to join us.

We are most excited about our Brand New “BREATHEOLOGY ADVANCED” course. This is the most transformational program we have created to date.

Before you look at the side by side comparison below read the following explanation on the progression of the courses and where to start.

Choosing the right course to start your Breatheology Journey

In our quest to serve the global community and based on powerful feedback from our thousands of students and growing instructor community we worked hard simplify our course offerings.  We are grateful to everyone who has reached out letting us know how we are doing and more importantly how we can improve and help strengthen our community.

So, in addition to simplifying, we packed more content and value into each course, and changed our pricing to make this transformational information more affordable for everyone.

We are super excited to be offering our Brand New “Advanced Course” and highly recommend this to be your starting point – it is by far our best value!!  

The Advanced Course is a powerful combination of everything you receive in the Fundamentals course along with specialized protocols, custom workouts developed personally by Stig, along with deeper explanations of the art and science of breathing…not to mention access to our “Inner Circle and all the benefits.

The Advanced course is two-fold

First, you should absolutely take this for the ultimate personal transformation, but second it is now prerequisite to qualify for the Instructor Program.  Everyone interested in becoming an Instructor must complete this course and pass the qualifying exam for acceptance.

**Please note you don’t have to be “Advanced” to start with this new course.  We created it to offer the best of Breatheology to any and all of our students so you can have access to all the teachings, tools and techniques to transform your life……

We can’t wait for you to join us!!

Online Courses


Breatheology ESSENTIALS is the modernized, reworked version of our classic Breatheology FUNDAMENTALS course, which has helped thousands people from all over the world breathe better.

Great for starters – our most popular video course.

Lessons Overview

  • Relaxation, concentration and imagery
  • Normal Breathing
  • Trained Breathing
  • Relaxing poses
  • Increasing lung capacity & chest flexibility
  • Body flexibility & Strength
  • Soothing breathing
  • Pranayama
  • Holding your breath


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The Breatheology Course is the ultimate courses in breath work and is the ideal course for athletes and top performers.

The foundation is the Fundamentals Course (included) plus a breath work exercises for improving performance, endurance and mental strength in any sport, land or water or stressed situations.

Lessons Overview

Breatheology Fundamentals

  • Included as foundation and reference

Breathing Profiles

  • Breathing for Powerful Performances
  • Breathing to Strengthen Health
  • Breathing to Improve Stress Resilience

The Science of Breathing

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology

Flow State

  • Flow & Performance
  • Hypercapnic Training
  • CO2 Tolerance Training

Breathing & Movement

  • Super Human Lungs – Chest & Lungs Expansion
  • Breath & Movement Coordination for High Performance


  • Ultimate Water Survival

Instructor Qualifying Exam

Inner Circle Benefits

  • The Breatheology Book (PDF)
  • Community Access (Lifetime)

Including Instructor Qualifying Examination

When you choose to become an instructor we will credit your payment for the ADVANCED course

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Become certified to teach the Breatheology Method and adapt the Breatheology Method to your line of work and expertise.

The program will go in-depth with human anatomy, mental triggers, psychology and communication and all the aspects of the Breatheology Method.

Lesson Overview

The Science of Breathing

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Neurology
  • Psychology
  • Flow State

The Tools of Breatheology

  • The Breath Modalities
  • Teaching & Modifying Exercises
  • The Soft & Hard Push Method

Applying the Method

  • Relaxation & Breathing in Clients
  • Exclusive Client Protocol Library
  • Creating Personal Program to Clients
  • Airofit Breath Trainer Implementation

Business of Breatheology

  • Partner Program
  • Marketing & Teaching Material
  • Profile Listing & Event Program
  • Seminar presentations
  • Preplanned classes and workshops
  • Business launch package

Instructors Benefits

  • Continuous Education
  • Instructor lectures & masterclasses
  • Global Instructor Network
  • Yearly Conferences

Now Completely Virtual Certification


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*You must have successfully completed the Qualifying Exam in the Breatheology Advanced Course and read the Breatheology book in order to apply for the Instructor Program.