Discover how holding your breath can improve your life in just 7 days 

Feel better, become mentally stronger and release stress!


In this 7-day challenge you will learn:

  • How you can increase the amount of time you can hold your breath - from less than a minute to three minutes or more.

  • Why holding your breath is a great way to start the day - and kickstart your body.

  • How performing a breath hold reduces stress and lowers your heart rate - and feel much more relaxed as a result.

  • Why doing breath holds on a regular basis increases your mental toughness - and make better decisions under pressure.

  • How breath hold exercises make your body and mind more resilient - and boost your immune system.

  • My best tips for performing breath holds - they are simple enough that you can apply them even if you are totally new to this!

But what is a challenge without challengers? 

I promise you it's going to be a fun and mentally rewarding challenge.

But isn't a challenge more fun with a little competition from your friends?

When you get 5 friends to sign up to the challenge, we will even give you a FREE copy of the Breatheology ebook: The Art of Conscious Breathing" as a gift ($39 Value). 

(In case you didn't know it is an International bestseller available in 9 languages

We will provide you with a personal invite link for you to send to your friends.

Also, by signing up, you automatically participate in a weekly lottery where we will pick one lucky winner for a free Breatheology Fundamentals video course (value: $497).

Breatheology FUNDAMENTALS gives you access to a series of SPECIALITY LESSONS, put into more than 72 inspiring videos and audio for you to enjoy. At the end of the course, you will be able to create your own training program with the exercises the fits your body and daily routines. How cool is that?

And, because we believe everyone is a winner, all participants join the celebration and receive something nice as well.

Breatheology Fundamentals 

The Challenge is ON!

Our Instructors also love it...

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