Introducing Tyler Huston

We would like to introduce you Tyler Huston, certified Breatheology Instructor and Addictions Team Lead at Cedars at Cobble Hill in British Columbia, Canada.

Introduced to Breatheology and Stig Severinsen by his freediving instructor, it was an article about the PTSD Liberation workshop that inspired Tyler and his lovely wife Alex to focus on pulling the resources together for him to become an Instructor and for both to fly over to Denmark to attend the certification workshop.

Not only did Tyler pass his exam with flying colors, he also has been successful in making his employer accept the Breatheology method as an accepted treatment for patients with addiction and PTSD:

Breatheology in trauma centers and health care

Breatheology has now been officially approved as a treatment for addiction and PTSD by Tyler’s Residential Addiction Treatment Facility just 2 months after Tyler Huston´s completed his certification as a Breatheology Instructor.

In the following interview, Breatheology Instructor Tyler Huston and the Breatheology Founder Stig Severinsen, discuss how the Breatheology Method has been the key instrument in creating an alternative treatment plan that eschews harmful medication and brings back life in people’s eyes.

Are you currently employed in the health sector and looking for new ways to help your patients?

Breatheology provides the tools that you need to improve the lives of those that trust in you, as well as your own.

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