Strengthen The Respiratory System

Our respiratory system is responsible for taking up oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide from the body. We suck in air into the lungs by pushing our diaphragm down. Oxygen enters the bloodstream through gas exchange in the lung sacs (alveoli) and is transported throughout the body, providing much needed fuel for our cells.

Strengthen The Respiratory System

Our lungs do not inhale air on their own. In order to create ventilation from our nose or mouth to the lungs, our respiratory muscles have to do some work. The diaphragm moves up and down, sucking air in or pushing it out, while the intercostal muscles widen the rib cage. In times of high metabolic demand, the scalene muscles and the muscles in the neck and back help by elevating the rib cage.

Breathing from the belly

The diaphragm, a concave muscle located just below the lungs, is our most important breathing muscle. It functions similar to a plunger: when you breathe in, the diaphragm contracts goes down and air fills the lungs. When you breathe out, the diaphragm expands and goes up, pushing air out of the lungs.

The correct way to breathe is to mainly use the diaphragm. During diaphragmatic breathing, you breathe deep from the belly. If your belly extends while your chest remains flat, you are doing it right!

Strengthening the respiratory muscles

Like all other muscles, we can improve our respiratory muscles with stretching and strength training exercises. We even can increase our vital lung capacity, allowing us to inhale more air and thus increase our oxygen intake with each breath.

Being able to inhale more oxygen for each breath brings many benefits. You’ll feel more energized, recover faster from injuries and trauma and perform at peak performance. More and more top athletes and other high performance professionals are taking up breath training as at the highest level of competition, more oxygen gives a serious advantage.

Training the respiratory muscles is also invaluable for people that suffer from a condition that reduces your breathing ability, such as COPD, asthma or pneumonia. When your ability to breathe is compromised, your body will not get the amount of oxygen it needs to be fully energized. Strengthening your respiratory muscles and making them more flexible can help minimize the negative impact of illnesses and conditions, or prepare your body in case you get sick.

The Breatheology Method is packed full with exercises that increase the vital lung capacity, strengthen the respiratory muscles and increase the flexibility of the chest. As you continue to practice Breatheology, you’ll notice that your daily breathing and movements become more smooth and effortless.

Breath is the key to stronger respiratory muscles

Our respiratory muscles can be trained and maintained, just like any muscle, to improve our breathing and overall health. The Breatheology Method packs various breath and body exercises that focus on increasing the flexibility of the chest and strength of the diaphragm, making it possible to suck in and inhale more air and increase the oxygen uptake.


Learn how you can strengthen your respiratory system and increase the amount of air you inhale. More oxygen allows your body to recover faster and perform at a higher level. The Breatheology ESSENTIALS course teaches you how to breathe properly and how to train the respiratory muscles for more energy in daily life and a better life quality if your breathing is compromised due to complications.

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The Breatheology Method

We benefit our clients by understanding who they are as individuals and their unique needs. Our mission is to serve the global community by helping them become healthy and better in all aspects of being.

To achieve our mission, our method consists of three profiles: Optimized Performance, Strengthen Health and Improve Resilience.

By assessing our clients across these profiles we get a strong picture of their dynamic needs and goals. The benefits from our Method are derived when we choose the right tool for the right person at the right time.

This allows us to work with a variety of breathing modalities to help align the mind and body and begin to “rewire” and manage the Autonomic Nervous System to move the client in a positive direction eventually bringing them to a “Flow State”.

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