Powerful Immune Function

The immune system is your body’s defense system against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that can cause disease. The more relaxed the immune system, is the better it can keep you healthy. If you are in a stressed situation, you overload your immune system so it is less capable to fight diseases.

Powerful Immune Function 

You can enhance and improve your immune function. Creating a powerful immune system is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and strong. You can do this – believe it or not – through the power of mind.

Your breath affects your mind and of course the other way around. Working consciously with the breath, paying attention to the mind, building resilience through breath holding and moving your body all help to improve your immune system. 

Simply taking some slow, deep breaths moves lymphatic fluid and blood – which contains white blood cells – much more effectively. Your immune system will now function much better.

It is important to deal with stress as stress reduces the immune function. Conscious breathwork and visualization exercises have proven to reduce stress and improve your immune function.

Cold immersion, done intelligently, also helps build your immune system by gradually exposing your body and increasing your tolerance.

Practicing Breatheology helps you build a powerful immune system by working with your body, breath, breath holding and positive mind states.

Breath is the key to a powerful immune system

With specific breathing exercises you can move your mind from a stressful state to the relaxed state also known as the parasympathetic nervous system or Rest & Digest mode. In this mode, your body can rebuild and strengthen your immune system.


Build-up your immune system, raise your daily energy, learn to “relax on demand” and recover from illness faster with the Breatheology ESSENTIALS course. The course is a step by step course structured learning the ability to calming your nervous system with the relax on demand techniques. Thousand of people have taken this course with great results.

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The Breatheology Method

We benefit our clients by understanding who they are as individuals and their unique needs. Our mission is to serve the global community by helping them become healthy and better in all aspects of being.

To achieve our mission, our method consists of three profiles: Optimized Performance, Strengthen Health and Improve Resilience.

By assessing our clients across these profiles we get a strong picture of their dynamic needs and goals. The benefits from our Method are derived when we choose the right tool for the right person at the right time.

This allows us to work with a variety of breathing modalities to help align the mind and body and begin to “rewire” and manage the Autonomic Nervous System to move the client in a positive direction eventually bringing them to a “Flow State”.

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