More Willpower

Willpower, or self-control, is the cognitive ability to regulate your thoughts, emotions and behavior to triggers and impulses. Resisting temptation and performing challenging tasks require mental energy that can be depleted.

More Willpower

How many times have you said to yourself that your life would be better and more fulfilling if you just had more energy, more willpower to achieve the goals you have set for yourself?

The ability to forgo immediate gratification in pursuit of a greater goal is considered one of the best predictors of success in life, which is why willpower is a much desired personality trait.

Willpower is like a muscle

One of the greatest things about willpower is that it is something that can be trained. While some people are more conscientious than others from birth, self-control can be improved if procrastination is your worst enemy.

By practicing on how to live in the now and be present in the moment, it will become easier to regulate your emotions and thoughts. You spend less energy on fretting about what may come or has to be done. It becomes easier to relax and gain mental clarity to make better decisions and get things done.

Willpower has its limits

Our amount of self-control is not limitless. Every time that we exercise our willpower, it depletes some of our mental energy. This is why, as the day goes on, many people have a harder time to control their urges, temper and bad habits.

Exercising our will takes from the same reserve as our focus and can be treated in a similar way. When we are tired, low in energy, high on stress, our willpower wanes. This also means that if you are high in energy, you can draw from a bigger reserve and make better choices throughout the day.

In the end, it is not just about increasing your willpower, as that has its limits, but about having fewer temptations in the first place. The latter can be achieved by obtaining a clear mind.

Conscious breathing as instructed in the Breatheology Method help you gain clarity through the various visualization and relaxation techniques and improve your energy levels so you can exercise willpower when it truly matters.

Breathing is the key to more willpower

Through breathing and breath holding we can improve our willpower. Our ability to say no and persist through hard times is a combination of mental clarity and resistance. Both can be gained and trained directly through the breath.


Find out how you can increase your willpower and achieve your goals with a laser-sharp focus. Utilizing breathwork to clear the mind from distractions and become present in the moment are just two of the things you’ll learn in the Breatheology ESSENTIALS course. The Breath Hold Challenge will be the ultimate test for your willpower – and a great way to build it. Thousands have already gone before you.

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The Breatheology Method

We benefit our clients by understanding who they are as individuals and their unique needs. Our mission is to serve the global community by helping them become healthy and better in all aspects of being.

To achieve our mission, our method consists of three profiles: Optimized Performance, Strengthen Health and Improve Resilience.

By assessing our clients across these profiles we get a strong picture of their dynamic needs and goals. The benefits from our Method are derived when we choose the right tool for the right person at the right time.

This allows us to work with a variety of breathing modalities to help align the mind and body and begin to “rewire” and manage the Autonomic Nervous System to move the client in a positive direction eventually bringing them to a “Flow State”.

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