A year ago, I received a wake up call from life itself. It was time for a deep and meaningful change. I started my journey through. India learning different disciplines, but there was one that the flow of life wanted to share with me, that changed my life for ever.

Conscious breathing and Pranayama, the Art and Science of breath control, was the best discovery of all. Thanks to this practice, I was able to balance and aligned body, mind and soul. We take 30.000 breaths every day, and when used properly, it creates enormous healthy benefits, as the breath is directly connected to the nerve system, activating the internal pharmacy that we all have with in us.

After completion the Breatheology Instructor Program, I was able to put together al the tools needed to share this knowledge in many different fields, where breath control can be enormously beneficial. Once you tap in by following the techniques that are available to anyone, it increases positivity and happiness to your system. Increases your confidence and self esteem, as well as many deep changes like improving concentration, focus, memory and a stronger and more effective immune system. Therefore, conscious breathing is recommended for those people who are suffering with depression, anxiety, stress disorders, as the breath calms down the nerve system almost instantly. Every breath you take matters, and it can literally change your life.

Carlos de la Rúa

Web: www.x-hale.net

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Baja California, Mexico

Languages: Spanish, English