Your Opportunity To Train Breatheology Live With Stig

Live Workshop

with Stig Severinsen

September 2nd, 2023

Copenhagen, Denmark

Your Opportunity To Train Breatheology Live With Stig

You Breathe Between 20.000 & 30.000 Times A Day

Did you know that you are likely not using your lungs to their full capacity

This is a shame because if you do not utilize your breath you are waving goodbye to extra energy and other benefits in your daily life

Experience how you too can regulate your body, mind, nervous system and stressful or other difficult situations in your life

Are You Ready For

✓  ​More Energy​

​​Feel more energetic at will and improve your sleep

✓  Less Stress

Reduce anxiety with breathing & meditation exercises

✓  Increased Focus

Clear your mind for better decision-making

✓  ​​Better Workouts

​Optimize your training and recovery through breath

Join this exclusive 3-hour live intensive workshop in a beautiful Copenhagen with 4x freediving world champion and multiple Guinness world record holder Stig Severinsen

Who Is This Workshop For

✓ You are a performer or artist and want to get rid of that stage fright while activating the flow state for more creativity

✓ You are a business leader and need to stay sharp and be able to make high impact decisions on a whim

✓ You are a competitive athlete and looking for the next edge to win the medal by maximizing your performance and reducing your recovery times

✓ You are a yoga teacher or therapist and want to dive even deeper in relaxation and clear the mind

✓ You are a diver or waterman and want to improve your breath hold times and feeling more comfortable while under water 

✓ You are a health enthusiast and are looking to optimize your health by bringing your body, mind and nervous system in perfect balance

✓ You are a curious person by nature and are interested to learn more about all the ins and outs about breathing and how it can have a lasting impact

Meet Stig Severinsen



I’m Stig Severinsen, founder of Breatheology.

You may have already read my best-seller book, Breatheology: the Art of Conscious Breathing. 

If you have, then you are already aware how important breathing is, and how much we stand to gain to improve our breathing.

​​​Building better breathing habits ​​​should not be hard.

Over the decades I have personally trained Olympic medalists, Navy SEALs, Fortune 500 Businesses and more.

Thousands of happy students have already gone through our Breatheology “Academy”.

Now it’s your turn!

I would be happy to guide you to a healthy life, free of stress and full of joy, through breathing. 

In the Live Workshop, we train my most powerful exercises together. Professional guidance – so you learn the best breathing habits the right way, right away!

I can’t wait to meet you…

​​Stig Severinsen

TEDxOdense “Breath Holding is the New Black”



Until 2020, I held a live workshop in Copenhagen for a group of enthusiasts to explore the world of breathing.

Each time participants are amazed how fast and big of a change they feel.

Don’t take my word for it – hear it from the workshop attendees themselves!


“Now I have a new skill set I can practice at home.. how to improve my breathing. Thank you Stig!”


“Stig has showed us how to hold our breath much longer and that was for me very exciting!”


“A good experience was that I held the breath for 4 minutes.. and I only think I could hold it for two – so excellent!”


“Finding out the power of your breathing and how much it actually physically does for your body for me was terrific…”


If you have any questions regarding the Live Workshop, watch the replay of the live call of August 20th, 2023, with myself.

Are You Next?


The Breatheology Method has been developed over 10 years ago and has proven itself over and over again helping thousands of people from all over the world live happy, healthy lives.

This September, you can take back control over your breathing and witness the many amazing benefits of better, more conscious breathing.

It will be truly one of those events where afterwards you think to yourself: “Where has this been all my life?”

So, take a deep breath and buckle up for the breath journey of a life time!

Live Workshop

When: September 2nd, 2023 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM Local Time

Where: Tivoli Hotel And Congress Center, Copenhagen, Denmark



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