One great thing about breathing is the fact that you can only breathe here and now

Your First Breath

The first thing you do after being born is taking a deep breath. This is the way we all started life as we know it – outside the comfort of our mothers warm and supporting womb. Children and animals are actually very good at breathing naturally which is important for strong health and well-being.

Stress & Bad Habits

Unfortunately, as we grow older, our surroundings and society play a bigger and bigger role upon how we act and behave. Sometimes we are even so heavily impacted by outside “stressors” that we completely change our natural and healthy breathing pattern. This often leads to inappropriate habits such as mouth breathing, upper chest breathing and tension in the neck and shoulder region. Of course, all this can lead to increased levels of stress (from the hormone Adrenaline), loss of energy, headaches and poor sleep – just to mention a few things.

Conscious breathing should be known by everybody 

It would be wonderful if kids in school would also learn proper breathing techniques – just as some children are now introduced to yoga and mindfulness.

By knowing how different breathing patterns affect you and how YOU can choose to breathe better in various situations, would be of great benefit.

The Breatheology Method offers exactly what seems to be missing and very overlooked – even for a simple thing as breathing!

The main three elements in the Breatheology Method are;

Ancient Knowledge of Breathing, Body, and Mind

Scientific research on human physiology & neurology

Modern Sports Exercise & Flow Psychology

By combining these three elements into one simple framework, I believe that Breatheology can offer something positive to every single human being interested in improving various areas of their lives.

Simple, yet fun and challenging

Of course, I believe that Breatheology can benefit YOU – and I guess that is one of the main reasons that you are here now reading these lines. To get the results you are after, it is paramount that your training system is simple – yet fun and challenging. This is how our human body and mind operate across all cultures, traditions and historical times!

I have understood this from all my travels around Asia where I have been taught by the best Masters of yoga & breath work. It has been clear to me after spending over 25 years in the world of Science & Research. And most certainly this has been proven to me (on my own body, mind & spirit) from becoming a 4x Freediving World Champion and after setting several official World and Guinness World Records. This is easy to measure and document and I like this “direct and in-your-face” approach!

Finally, after teaching thousands of students around the world – from Olympic Athletes, stressed business people, Navy SEALs to people with PTSD, Lyme Disease, Post-Polio to kids and completely “normal” people – I understand how to get people to become successful and make true transformational changes in their lives.

Easy to adapt to your lifestyle

In all modesty, I feel The Breatheology Method – with it’s very “approachable” techniques and framework – is a great way to start on a new journey with more consciousness and simple and practical “tools” to implement in everyday life situations. Trying to condense the very best of thousands of years of ancient knowledge and thousands of hours from science and sports is no easy task. But I have made this my life’s mission and I sincerely hope that you will find something just for you to use in your life.

My team and I continue to develop Breatheology and you are more than welcome to contact us with any feedback or ideas you might have. To your new and better breathing – enjoy the journey.

Friendly, Stig Severinsen

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