Breatheology Ebook

Breatheology - the art of conscious breathing

From the book:

” Your life is lived between two breaths – your first inhalation and your last exhalation.

Each day you breathe between 20,000 and 30,000 times. This amounts to roughly 10 million breaths each year and one billion breaths in a lifetime. You are probably good at breathing, but it is actually very likely that you are not using your lungs to their full capacity. This is a shame because if you do not utilize every breath you are waving goodbye to extra energy in your daily life.

Most people are not very conscious of how they breathe. In particular, poor breathing habits are common in modern times. When was the last time you took a deep and slow breath and thought closely about the intimate relationship between your breath, your body and your mind? “

Happy readers of the Book

Kenn Olsen 
World Run I & II

I have with huge interest read Stig’s book about Breatheology and tried to introduce some of its principles into my training. It’s brought a more spiritual side to my training regime and I have had much joy and benefit from the focus on breathing and the different mindsets as well. At times when I was fatigued during my 2. run around the world, I also used some of the breathing techniques to ease the strain!.

I have been reading the book every day and have really enjoyed every aspect of the importance of diet, and all the exercises and visualisation. I just want to say thank you for assisting in my breathing and breath holds.      Thank you Stig.

John Doe Pro Surfer