The Breatheology Instructor
Certification Program

The Breatheology Instructor Certification program is developed by Stig Severinsen and distilled from more than 10 years of coaching the Breatheology Method.

The Method has proven its worth in helping people rehabilitate faster from PTSD/Anxiety and normal daily stress to Olympic gold-winning athletes and Navy SEALs increase their mental power and keep calm in stressful situations.

The Instructor program is specially designed to let you adapt the Breatheology Method to your line of work and expertise.  

The program will go in-depth with human anatomy, mental triggers, psychology and communication and all the aspects of the Breatheology Method. In this program, Stig, for the first time, will also be sharing his secret tips and coaching methods.

The program will be an intensive 8 weeks training combining video eLearning with weekly video conferences, Q&A calls and ending with a 3 days certification workshop.  There will be a closed "Student accountability group” so you can train and learn with other like-minded people from around the world.

Of course, we will bring on other world-class experts from various fields to truly make this a very unique experience and a certification that you will be able to use in your own training and business.

Video eLearning - 42 videos & study material:

In 42 instructional videos (in HD quality) and printable study material, Stig will guide you through the entire syllabus of the Breatheology Instructor Program. 


The video course outline:

  • Basic breathing anatomy and physiology.
  • Mental triggers and the connection to breathing.
  • Breath holding explained and trained; The Mammalian Dive Response.
  • Water Safety Issues & Meditation Under Water.
  • Faster rehabilitation and recovery via breathing and imagery.
  • Psychology and communication from a breathing perspective.
  • Extensive training and skill development in the “Push Method” and 
    • when to employ a “Soft” approach (e.g. PTSD/COPD/Asthma/Fear, Anxiety/Stress) and
    • when to employ a “Hard” approach (e.g. Military, Athletes, Business Individuals etc.).
    • when (and how) to mix the “Soft” & “Hard” approach 
  • A deeper understanding of both theory and practical exercise execution using “Mental Tools” in the area of Flow & Mindfulness (Positive Psychology) plus the ability to link “body-mind” connections in order to strengthen/rehabilitate both.
  • Group training - accountability partners and weekly exercises.

Weekly Conference Classes (Q&A) - by Stig Severinsen

To speed up your learning and support the video/group training, Stig will host a weekly video conference class exclusively for the instructor group, where we can go deeper in specific exercises and you will be able to get direct feedback from Stig and the group to all of your questions. 

Certification Workshop (3 Days)

There will be a live (physical) meeting, training, and certification in Denmark towards the end of the course.

As part of the course, you will need to complete a graduation exam in order to become a certified Breatheology Instructor.

The certification workshop is mandatory.

Video from the 3 day Certification Workshop

Bonus: Water Workshop

The certification workshop is held in luxury retreats with access to thermal baths or heated pools in Europe.

We will introduce you to the Breatheology "Soft" coaching approach which is a key element in the Breatheology PTSD / Anxiety program.

This Water workshop is included in the course.

Water Workshop 2018 in Vejle - Denmark

You´re Certified - then what? 

Well - first of all. Congratulations. You will become amongst the first professionals in the world to be certified in the Breatheology Method.

As a Breatheology Instructor, you are now officially a part of the Breatheology family. This means you will join a global network of like-minded Breatheology Instructors and a key part of the bigger mission of helping the world breathe better.

You now have the extra skills and license to implement the method in your own training and business. With our branding and full endorsement. And you can now also use the Breatheology Brand in your marketing. 

We want you to succeed

At Breatheology we don’t stop with you succeeding to become an Instructor. We want you to succeed, getting new clients and help them succeed with the Breatheology Method. 

That’s why we will have high-quality teaching material (in English) available for you to provide to your clients. And we will develop even more material in cooperation with our instructors.

On top of that, we will add your business to the Breatheology Instructor index on which allows clients to find you directly from our website and offer local instructors the opportunity to help the assistance in the Breatheology Courses and workshop concepts.

Teaching & Marketing Material

All Breatheology Instructor will be offered a co-branding license that will give them access to the branded teaching materials to use with your clients or patients and branded marketing material. 

Teaching Material

We want to help you in your work so we provide licensed professional branded teaching material - with illustrated exercises for you to hand out to your clients or patients.

Reference Manuals

Instructors get a Quick Reference Manual to the different exercises, for use in your daily practice.

Get listed on

Your company or profile will be listed on the instructor index so our thousands of monthly visitors can find a local Instructor of the Breatheology Method in relevant categories like Yoga, Breath coach, PTSD/Anxiety, Cross-fit, Water meditation.

Instructor Community 

Gain access to the exclusive Instructor community.

Connect on a high level with like-minded individuals and exchange knowledge and real-life feedback to grow your knowledge and expand your business.


In November 2018 - the first 30 instructor alumni met in Denmark - for the 3 days certification workshop. 

This is their experience of the Breatheology Instructor Program. 


Prerequisite: To apply you need to work in the space of teaching, training, coaching or want to teach breathing and relaxation in your daily work to adults and kids etc.  We accept professionals in the healthcare and medical field, holistic healing, fitness/yoga trainers, personal trainers/athlete coaches, business leaders and anyone else who wants to impact the lives of others through breathing.

Course type:  The training program combines video eLearning with weekly video conferences classes, Q&A calls and ending with a 3 days certification workshop. 

Course duration: 8 weeks.

Start Date: Next course date is planned to start in August - October 2019.  See Enrollment Terms

Price:   $7497  

Including hotel & final examination.

Enrollment is limited to 30 participants.

Final Examination & Certification.

Location: Hotel Vejlefjord (Vejle, Denmark), 1 hour from Billund Airport, 2 hours train from Copenhagen Airport. 

Included in the price

Full program for 3 days | Accommodation 3 nights | Dinner at the end of day 3 nights | Breakfast day 4 days | Spa visits all days

Travel is NOT included.

Special Enrollment Terms

Next course date is planned to start in August - October 2019.  Start time will be announced when we have enough applicants to fill a class. 

Kindly note:  

The available seats is limited: We want to give you the best experience by keeping seats low. 

The first Breatheology Instructor Programs sold out very quickly and since the demand is VERY highwe will start reviewing applications as soon as they are received. 

Important information regarding the certification:

It is important to point out that having your application accepted and having paid the Instructor Program IS NOT a guarantee to get certified. You will need to pass the graduation exam and have demonstrated sufficient understanding of the Breatheology techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to apply?

 How long does it take to complete the course?

Will I get a certificate?

 What happens if I do not meet the requirements to pass the Instructor course at the end of the Certification weekend?

 The Instructor course is not what I expected. Is there any possibility to opt-out and receive a (partial) refund?

 Will Certification workshops be available in the rest of the world?

 Is the Breatheology Instructor Community free?

Do I have to attend the Graduation ceremony in Denmark?

Is there a payment plan? 

How many hours a week on average do I need to devote on the Instructor course to complete the coursework?

Will there be weekly tests?

How long will the Instructor Certificate be valid and how do I renew my certification?

Does the access to teaching and marketing material and being listed in the instructor index require a special license? 

For further questions - please contact

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* The ebook and Fundamentals course (Value $527) are mandatory study material in the Instructor Program, which means you can start on the study material right away and be prepared when the instructor program starts.  You get to keep the study material whether or not your application is accepted.

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