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Learn the Breatheology Method - The Art of Conscious Breathing. Each chapter in the book will show you how you can breathe more efficiently and the advantages you can gain through conscious changes in your breathing habits.


Our branded Fingertip Pulse Oximeter travels with you whereever you go to give you accurate measurements of your oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Modern science at your fingertips!


The Breatheology Bestseller in eBook format. Available languages: English, German, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Russian.


Do you wish you had Stig in your pocket, ready to pop-out when you need to calm down? Relax on demand with this Guided Meditation narrated by Stig Severinsen himself.


Price: $ 39 

The book gives you step-by-step guidance and helps you build your own personal program that suits your daily life and needs in a perfect way.