You breathe about 20,000-30,000 times per day! And every single breathe you take represents your life right here and now – at this present moment.

Breathing is what generates your energy – the process of life. So the better you breathe, the stronger and healthier you become. Unfortunately, many people develop bad breathing habits – or simply don’t know how to breathe properly because it was never taught to them!

In all animals the process of breathing is automated and controlled on a subconscious level.

However, you have the ability to breathe consciously – with full awareness. You can even stop your breathing by willpower alone.

Why not try it for a few seconds?

Simply fill your lungs, stop breathing, close your eyes and observe what happens!

When you put full attention on your breathing  Рon your breath holding Рand even on the slight pause between two breaths, you will suddenly understand how intimately your body and mind are connected through this simple action that you perform every living moment of your life!

It might even present a new gateway to your soul!

While reading these lines, try to breathe out slowly.

Does it change your state of mind?

Do you immediately feel more relaxed?

Maybe you can even feel your heartbeat? When was the last time you had an intimate dialog with your own heart? Can you even feel your pulse drop when you exhale slowly?

Welcome to Breatheology; The study, learning and understanding of breathing.

Breatheology works on every dimension of the human breath by uniting Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science and Peak Performance in sports. It is based on philosophical principles, and driven by practice and experience.

Maybe you want to start living a healthier life – with more awareness on every moment of your precious time on this Planet?

If you search for simple ways to strengthen your health, rehabilitate, optimize your sports results or just improve your stress resilience in a hectic everyday life…then you might want to take a closer look at the concept of Breatheology.


Breathe & hold your breath…


Stig Severinsen
Founder of breatheology, Author, PhD in Medicine & 4x Freediving World Champion
More info on Stig right HERE (or simply Google “stig severinsen”)!

The Breatheology HQ resides in California:
7555 Herschel Ave, PO Box #3A
La Jolla CA, 92037
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