Mirjana is an internationally distinguished Energy Healer, Medical Qigong Teacher, & Business Coach. She has over 30 years’ experience in this field and she has trained with some of the best Energy Healers, Qigong Masters, and Practitioners around the globe.

Early on, Mirjana faced serious illnesses that were diagnosed as incurable, yet she managed to recover fully by applying alternative & energy medicine techniques she had learned. This served as a wakeup call for her to further pursue her passion for understanding and working with the natural inner power of transformation that we all have.

Being also a seasoned entrepreneur, Mirjana understands well the dynamics and demands of the fast-paced modern lifestyle and business environment. She truly embodies the realities of the modern business world and the timeless calm of our inner nature. Mirjana shares that true harmony and co-existence between these two worlds are not only possible but necessary.

She currently holds workshops, retreats, conferences and private sessions helping people tap into their inner power and transform their health, business and reach their life goals. Malaysia is her base, however, she travels regularly throughout Asia and Europe.

Mirjana believes that our world needs to know more on how to use the potential of our body and mind effectively in order to transform, grow, reach our goals, stay happy and take our health in our own hands while being in tune with our true nature

Mirjana Malignon

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Kualu Lumpur, Malaysia & Asia

Web: miqienergymedicine.com