European Transformational Teacher Gathering 2018

Welcome to this special event for teachers from all over Europe! If you are looking to expand your community and the reach of your teachings, you won’t want to miss this gathering in beautiful Alicante. Join us for 3 days with advanced training, transformational inspiration, community and heart-to-heart networking with the finest teachers in Europe. It is truly a […]

PTSD & Anxiety Liberation

ptsd liberation workshop

Severe Stress / Anxiety / PTSD Liberation PTSD and anxiety training is a very important area for Breatheology to engage strongly in and support.   I firmly believe we need a completely new approach on PTSD treatment since the current “system” is clearly not working. Drugs and screwing up an unbalanced brain and hormonal system […]

Live Masterclass

BREATHEOLOGY LIVE MASTERCLASS Previous Masterclass Want To Be Notified about The Next Breatheology Masterclass?This is your opportunity to join an amazing adventure with extraordinary people from around the globe. Get private training directly from Stig Severinsen and his Breatheology Team working on your personal and business development. Plus encounter wildlife that meets your wildest dreams. Join the […]

Personal Coaching

Do you want world class coaching? – Then I Will Personally Guide You To Reaching Your Personal Goal Faster & Easier Than You Ever Imagined Possible…   Dear Fellow Peak Performer Since people from all around the world keep asking for private coaching I have decided to open for my coaching sessions again for a […]

Breatheology Ebook

Breatheology – the art of conscious breathingMost of us breathe inefficiently.  Life is often lived in the fast lane, and especially when we are stressed, we tend to use only the upper part of our lungs. We forget to breathe deep down into the stomach and thereby lose out on a lot of energy.Only when […]