Breathing is our life force. We breathe between 20.000 and 30.000 times a day. Unfortunately, many of us do not put a lot of thought into breathing – it is after all an automatic response.

How can we change our bad habits and implement a way of breathing that serves us better?

The Breatheology Method was designed by Stig Severinsen to teach the world the benefits of conscious breathing. One could say that someone that practices the Breatheology Method becomes an intelligent breather.

What makes an intelligent breather?

How do you find out if your approach to breathing is “smart” – other than practicing conscious breathing on a regular basis?

Dr. Ela Manga and Viola Edward, two renowned breathing specialists, have created the Breath Intelligence (BQ) to answer this question.

Breath Intelligence consists of a set of breathing parameters that you can observe in yourself (and others) to assess if you are being intelligent about the way you breathe.

Why is Breath Intelligence relevant?

Our health is closely connected to our breathing. Nuances in the respiratory rate, breathing patterns, rhythm and volume provide insight in our physiological, emotional and mental state.

Breath Intelligence offers a non-invasive way to determine the health of the body and mind. Applying intelligent breathing practices support the body’s internal regulations and homeostasis.

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