German TV Pro7 Galileo is showing a 20 minutes documentary on Breatheology: MIT ATEMTECHNIK ZUM SUPERHUMAN – DAS SELBSTEXPERIMENT. (Breathing techniques to superhuman – The self-experiment)

Stig Severinsen is showing his Breatheology Method used for his 22 minutes breath hold Guinness World Record and the online training program.

The German TV reporter Maurice Gajda is put to the test with a month of 10 minutes of daily training of the Breatheology Method.  Experience his progress and the effects on his overall health, stress level and mental strength.

In the program you can experience Maurice Gajda following the members of Frømandskorpset (The Danish Navy Seals) using the Breatheology Method.

Ebook Info - Breatheology – the art of conscious breathing

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Link To Documentary (Spoken Language: German)