The PTSD Liberation Workshop in California - Meditation in water

PTSD and anxiety training is a very important area for Breatheology to engage strongly in and support.  

I firmly believe we need a completely new approach on PTSD treatment since the current “system” is clearly not working. Drugs and screwing up an unbalanced brain and hormonal system will never cure or solve any of the underlying root causes. Self-discovery & Self-development are the only ways to advance and get back to a life worth living!

Background - What sparked the Workshop

In 2015 an article in Mens Journal on the excessive use of drug by PTSD struck veterans, sparked a mission to use the Breatheology Methods to help people with PTSD. 

This has resulted in a complete training program for people with PTSD and anxiety and a Breatheology Certified Instructor Program for professionals.

What the PTSD Liberation attendees has to say about the workshop

In 2015 Breatheology donated a workshop for people with PTSD and Anxiety in California. These are some of the reactions.

Breatheology in trauma centers and health care

Breatheology has now been officially approved as a treatment for addiction and PTSD by Tyler’s Residential Addiction Treatment Facility just 2 months after Tyler Huston´s completed his certification as a Breatheology Instructor.

In the following interview, Breatheology Instructor Tyler Huston and the Breatheology Founder Stig Severinsen, discuss how the Breatheology Method has been the key instrument in creating an alternative treatment plan that eschews harmful medication and brings back life in people’s eyes.