I am a Canadian born, former professional hockey player, whose career was cut short due to multiple injuries sustained during my Division 1 NCAA career. These injuries included broken bones, torn ligaments, and a severed nerve in my wrist. The unrelenting mindset of an elite athlete and the brutal nature of the game lead me to play through the pain and bury it deep within until the very end. A mindset that needs to be corrected in the world of sports. I continued that tenacious mindset into the workforce as a Media Production Associate, with my degree in Marketing and Advertising, experiencing chronic pain, anxiety, and depression throughout. After the pandemic hit, I lost my job and lost my best friend in a car accident. This forced me to look within and acknowledge, not only my injuries, but my mental state as well. This is where my passion for breathing and my spiritual journey began.

My path for personal recovery is now through breath work, proper nutrition, and mediation, staples that should be taught alongside any sports training for proper recovery and mental health.

Today, I am currently traveling the United States in my campervan continuing my passion for photography and love of the outdoors. I hope to continue finding ways to heal through holistic means and to share those ways with others like me making the transition to a world without sports, or anyone who is looking to find ways for self-healing. Breatheology has provided me with incredible scientific knowledge and a breathwork foundation that allows me to take control of every aspect of my life, something modern medicine never has. I can’t wait for what the future holds in the world of conscious breathing and to continue my journey learning and sharing this powerful knowledge with everyone.

You can reach me by:
Email: muird12@gmail.com
Instagram: @aidan-muir

Aidan Muir

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

United States

Languages: English