I have an atypical background, different from my colleagues.

Real adventurer, I left France when I was 18 to travel the world.

After a DEEP INSPIRATION, I find the strength and courage to extricate myself from the comfort of my family and break the fate that our society has in store for me : studies – work – alcohol – work – stress – sleep.

I pack my bag and go to discover India for 1 year.
For the first time in my life I am taking the time to EXHALE!
I continue my journey for 3 years through Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal. I find my peace.

It’s a revelation, because I understand that it is possible that I will live my own life, the one that I have always dreamed of. I can be an entrepreneur and an adventurer.

I realize that there are other ways of life, other philosophies, other societies, other ideas that complement what I have learned in Europe.

This is when I begin to INHALE and EXHALE in consciousness.

I continue my trip and I land in Chile for 5 years and then Peru for 2 years. So many unforgettable adventures and encounters.

I am leaving South America for Morocco. I will live there for 18 years with family. I thank the Moroccans for their kindness and their hospitality. This is where I became a man and an entrepreneur.

We have created an agency specializing in tourism, dunesdeserts.com, which welcomes 25,000 foreign tourists per year. I found my balance there after all these years of searching around the world and it made me realized that the secret I had been looking for so much was in the breath.

So I bounce back and I transform: I want to teach BREATHING. I’m going to be a Breatheologist, I want to help the world to BREATHE better. My meeting with Stig Severinsen, whom I consider to be my mentor, is decisive.

Today I am in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am fully dedicated to the development of breathing through LIFEISBREATHING.COM.

I INHALE calmly through my belly, take a PAUSE, EXHALE for a long time and take another PAUSE.

My training and certifications:

  • Certified Instructor – BREATHEOLOGY with Stig Severinsen
  • Master Instructor – OXYGEN ADVANTAGE with Patrick McKeown, Leonardo Pelagotti and Alessandro Romagnoli
  • Pranayama Breathwork Instructor – YOGALAP with Mickael Bijker
  • Cold Exposure Coach – @ICETHEORYMONTREAL

My experiences in life and my certifications in the fields of breathing allow me to effectively coach adults, children, or athletes who are looking for:

  • Balance, tranquility, calm
  • Manage and reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improve the quality of their sleep
  • Improve their health
  • Improve their concentration and memory
  • Improve their physical performance
  • Channel their energy
  • Master their addiction problems
  • Reduce snoring
  • Decrease sleep apnea

We also organize events into business companies to improve staff’s mindset and productivity through breath work and cold exposure. Our team provides equipment and logistics to create great moments.

For more information, you can contact the LIFE IS BREATHING team:

Marc Romain - Profile Picture

Marc Romain

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Montreal, Canada

Languages: French, Spanish, English