Dr. Lou Corleto is an internationally recognized speaker, teacher, author, and healer. He has been studying the human “bodies”, consciousness, and healing principles for over a quarter of a century. Lou has personally served 10’s of thousands of people on 7 continents and over 45 different countries. His work has assisted the paralyzed to walk, children with autism to come out of the prisons and victims to become victors. He is president and CEO of AdJustWorld, Inc.

As a humanitarian of light Dr. Lou and his teams have served over a quarter of a million people in places like Tibet, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Argentina, etc.

Dr. Corleto is the owner of The Center for Life Expression – A global sanctuary for personal transformation. His mission is to empower people to remember that they are more than their physical bodies; they are pure potential, pure light, and pure love.

  • Certified High-Performance Coach
  • Certified BreathWork Instructor
  • Certified Firewalk instructor

Specialty is healing and human potential by accessing the nerve system for maximum healing from newborns to centenarians.

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Dr. Lou Corleto

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

United States

Web: www.loucorleto.com