In this period of time, stress is the main problem for most of my clients.

Although stress is known to be primarily a mental state, the physical part of the body must be working at its best to be able to regain enough strength to maintain balance.

I meet all kinds of clients at my clinic. From newborns to elderly. Lot of my clients are artists, leaders and sportspeople.  Many inquiries are about specific physical challenges, such as shoulder problems, headache, digestive problems etc. But as the treatment develops the cause of the first known problems will see the light. Are there any bad (hidden) habits causing the tensions in the body, stress from work or private life, bad breathing etc.

I use techniques from the Danish body therapy system Body SDS (Body Self Development System), combined with coaching and of course breathing technique and breathing guidance learned from the Breatheology Instructor course. This combination gives a very powerful treatment.  

I have worked with the human body for many years. I have a BA in occupational therapy (2008), graduated in the danish body therapy system Body SDS (2011), certified coach (2013), and of course Breatheology certified instructor (2019).

The human body is a map I love to explore. The body is telling so many things, that can seem hard to explain for the client. But if you can locate the unbalances, the client can connect to it and release the tensions or pain.

In the future my goal is to continue what I am doing already. I’m trying to arrange more lectures, workshops with focus on the connection between body and breathing related to stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders etc. I have a nice warm and welcoming clinic in beautiful Svendborg, Denmark. That’s the place I welcome all my clients, but I love to teach and treat clients at their work and company as well.

I’m looking forward to welcome you!

Benny Eis Petersen


Certified Breatheology Instructor™