I am a registered and practicing mental health nurse in the community working with children and families. I am married with 2 teenage boys and a little Frug (French bulldog x Pug). I love to go wild swimming in the local lake, walk, travel, read and rest.

I am fascinated by the brain and the mind-body connection and enjoy passing on my knowledge to those open to receiving a non-medicalised approach to well being. I always remain non-judgmental and love to stay curious when supporting the people I work with and building a sense of safety and trust happens easily and often quickly.

During my journey I have been reminded over and over about the healing power of bringing ourselves back to the simple things of life such as nature, creativity, gentle movement, sunlight, restorative sleep and slowing down. I believe in order to benefit the most from practicing gratitude, mindfulness and self awareness we must also practice intentional breathing and allow ourselves stillness.

My hope is to guide others to trust their own intuition, become aware of the power of their own breathe and to believe in their own capacity to heal from within.

Rachel Herring-Smith

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Oxford, United Kingdom

Languages: English