It has been 20 years that I am working as a sales man, sales manager, sales director. I can help you to develop the right mindset and grow with empathy for you at first and then for your team or your family.

I help people to find their harmony through some innovative approaches and techniques. I am helping CEO or sales force, employees to manage their stress during live session (the best) or even on Zoom. I will focus only on real team work.

I am working with emotions too. You can’t be on the top and deal with your goals if you don’t know already how to heal yourself, prevent yourself from stress. This is not only breathwork or cold exposure, this is dealing with emotions too. It is an honor to help you with Breatheology.

I am also instructor of this methods:

  • Buteyko (Asthma, Children)
  • Oxygen Advantage (Sports, Performance)
  • Wim Hof Method (Performance, Cold Exposure)
  • Emotion Code (Docteur Nelson Bradley)
Arthur Taniyelyan - Breatheology Instructor

Arthur Taniyelyan

Certified Breatheology Instructor™


Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Languages: French, English, German, Armenian