Hi there!

I am a training enthusiast, and my passion is health – my overall vision is to help and
inspire others to a better life. My idea of health is holistic. We all know that a balanced
and healthy diet, and physical activity are important factors. However, there are many
other factors just as important, that are not getting the same amount of attention, yet,
e.g. breathing, relaxation etc. I want to help spread this attention, and at the same
time expand my own knowledge about the different elements that plays a role in a
healthy and balanced life.

My passion for breathing began for real in 2017, when I “cured” myself for asthma
through simple breathing exercises. Since then, I’ve taken 10+ minutes ice baths,
climbed a snowcapped mountain in Poland wearing only shorts, and held my breath
longer than I had ever imagined. All of this through breath-control and mental
calmness. Through all is, I have only been confirmed that this is what I wan’t to work
with – the connection between the body and mind, and how the breath can connect
the two.

I am currently working in an indoor climbing centre located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I am also a trained sports massage therapist.

Contact me if:

  • You want training in the Breatheology method(s)
  • You want a personalized program or course
  • You are interested in a group session or course
  • You have something else in mind than listed above

Don’t hesitate! 😉

Alexander Asbjørn Fick Profile Picture

Alexander Asbjørn Fick

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: English, Danish