My name is Ioana Nicolae and for 25 years I am a physician, having experience in dealing with complex cases, from those who require emergency interventions to those with chronic illness, with patients whose life depends constantly on a device, as a nephrologist.

I have always considered that in addition to the classic medical approach, mandatory for solving health problems of the body, it is necessary to take care of the aspects that are associated with the ill state like stress, fear, pain, lack of relaxation, by using alternative methods.

I myself, working in a demanding and stressful environment, I feel the need for relaxation and to grow the energy level of my body. Starting with swimming and continuing with freediving, I like the way that this activity influenced my body and the state of mind. Feeling that this may also help others to improve their well-being state of mind and health, I decided to widen my knowledge studying and deepening the breath hold and breathing control techniques.

Looking at the client needs from two different angles but from complementary perspectives, from the strictly medical one to the holistic approach, the results obtained are greatly improved with every person I work with.

The human body is an extraordinary „machine” lead by an amazing „computer”, the human brain. Maintaining and improving the way in which all of his parts are connecting and works together, giving the best results desired it is my goal for every person, client or patient, who request my services and my expertise.

Ioana Nicolae

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Bucharest, Romania