I thrive to live a «real good life» and to support, train and teach
others in doing so. For me this first and foremost means to live
myself a happy, healthy and spiritual life without compromising
others lifes or the health of our planet.

That, amongst other things include, to breathe right (yes, that’s
paramount !), to care for my family, my children and grandchildren,
to meditate on a daily basis, to be out in nature as much as possible
and to freedive occasionally…

In my professional work I assist and guide individuals like you, teams
or businesses on their path to their «real good life» through different
coaching methods and tools (including kinesiology). This knowledge,
based on profound formations and personal experience combined
with practicing them on a professional level, makes sure my working
with you will be beneficial and sustainable for you from the start.

Give it a try, contact me now !

Obviously a «real good life» in a business context is something else
than in an individual context. And again each individual has his own
«real good life» definition. Nevertheless, as an individual, a group or
a business the wish to be happy, healthy, and thriving unites all of us,
doesn’t it?

In our work together, no matter what the subject or the goal at this
exact time may be.

BREATH is first.

If we do not breathe right we can not thrive, we can not unlock our
mental and physical potentials.

If you’re not breathing right you are literally wasting your precious
life-energy each and every second.

Science says that 85% of humans in civilized countries have poor
breathing. Wrong breathing patterns probably account for the
biggest part of the diseases and mental problems so many of us
suffer these days.

So it all starts right here and now with the proper breathwork.
Let me guide you through your specific process whether you’re
– just feeling a lack of energy in your daily life, poor sleep, stress,
anxiety etc.
– you’re in recovery from a virus, a surgery etc.
– if you want to get better in a particular sport at any level
– or if you lost track on your path to your «real good life».

Let’s work together and start breathing right right now

For your healthy, happy and strong life!
I’m looking forward to hear from you,

All the best,

Stefan Leubin

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Bern, Switzerland

Languages: German, English, French, Portuguese, Italian

URL: www.potential-entfalter.ch