I want to help athletes to improve their performance and businessmen to overcome stress and to take the right decisions with a clear mind through correct breathing!

My philosophy in life is: LEARN, GROW, GIVE

I am a dentist for 28 years, but from 5 years I became very passionate about health and personal development.

Three years ago I passed the Basics of The Ice Man Wim Hof to overcome my child’s fear from cold.

Slowly, step by step I became more healthy and focused and self – confident! My next step was to learn how to breathe correctly and the fate sent me Breatheology World and the amazing Stig Severinsen.

I passed the Breatheology Fundamentals of breathing and then the Instructor course

Emil Dimitrov

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Ruse, Bulgaria

Web: www.drdimitrovi.com