Christopher is the CEO and Founder of Mind Mastery.

His mission is to guide and inspire people to free their mind and body to transform their lives.

His system is based on four overarching pillars:
– Conscious Breathwork
– Embodied Awareness
– Mind Mastery
– Relational Intelligence

Christopher has been studying and practicing yoga in its many forms through physical practice (asana), conscious breathwork (pranayama), mindfulness, meditation, devotion and more for over 35 years.

He is also a biologist and studied Western psychology, psychotherapy, NLP, clinical hypnosis and explored martial arts, dance, mindful movement and other bodywork.

Christopher has a strong belief that we can optimize our human experience and arise above our human limitations to live a life that is filled with passion, purpose and love.

Christopher Gladwell


Certified Breatheology Instructor™