Hi, I am Ioana and I am proud to be a Breatheology
Instructor and happy to show you how to get under control
your breath.

The instructor program had a big impact on my life, lifestyle,
and not least my health.

Being aware of your breath, your way of breathing is the
best way of staying present and acting with full

I am active in different fields from entrepreneur, sales,
consultancy, and also social work where for more than 10
years I dealt with problematic teenagers (ADHD, drug
addiction, etc.) What I can say is that in all of these fields
the way of breathing impacted and had results from getting
calm in stressful situations, staying present, getting the
courage, and being healthy.

Besides all the workaround I like to relax making music,
traveling, doing some yoga exercises and of course, taking
some controlled breaths daily. 🙂

Ioana Arnold - Profile Picture

Ioana Arnold

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Sighisoara, Romania/strong>

Languages: Romanian, English