• My Mindful Breathing connects my body and mind.
  • My breathing is a simple tool that I can use wherever I am.
  • My breathing helps me control stress or anxiety and relieves me from panic.
  • My breathing gives me focus, calm and control over my thoughts and decisions.
  • My breathing has a positive effect on my brain, lungs, heart and is the language I use to talk and manage my body.
  • My breath is life-giving Energy, without which I cannot survive for more than a few minutes.

I know that it is worth taking care of it and knowing how to use it.

If you want to develop your knowledge of breathing and master methods of relaxation, vitalize or focus, you are in the right place.

Your breath is always with you, use it to improve your health and sleep.

I am a photographer, music and travel lover, focused on mindful lifestyle and the art of breathing.

My interests include knowledge of brain neurobiology, sound therapy and massage.

I study meditation with the master of the Tummo breathing method, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

I offer training and lectures:

  • Group
  • Corporate
  • Individual

I conduct my classes in Norway, Poland, Portugal and Morocco.

The classes do not require any special equipment or premises.

Ula Tara
Contact: ulatarasiewicz@gmail.com
PL +48 791 570 108
NO +47 450 55 305

Ula Tara

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Oslo, Norway & Lodz, Poland

Languages: Polish, English