Siri’s background in high achieving environments, in business, design, branding, innovation and entrepreneurship has led her to finding her unique way of finding balance and joy in life.

With breath, writing and nature as some of her most powerful pillars for performance, health and transformation, she mentors and teach people and groups the power of these tools – to envision and become their best self. From business owners, leaders and athletes, to supporting people with a holistic approach to healthy body and mind to create a change in their life.

She loves empowering people to be their best selves, in their unique way, and to connect with people and places to create change – from the inside and out.

In the core of Siri’s work is sustainability. “To be able to change business and systems, I believe we need to start with ourselves. I see the need of connecting people to their own body, to their surroundings, to their community and with nature to be able to – not only perform in a stressful life – but to create a new restorative and regenerative world.”

She has a deep passion for a healthy ocean, and work with conservation and regeneration projects, contributing on films, being a under water stunt woman, storytelling, or creating innovative and sustainable business opportunities.

Being an explorer at heart has led her to sail across the North Pacific Ocean, through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on a scientific expedition to research micro plastics and toxins in our ocean. She loves cold swims in the winter and freediving. She has won several national championships in freediving

She is also a motivational speaker, you can see her TedX talk here: 

Siri Østvold

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Oslo, Norway

Languages: English, Norwegian